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More Than Bugs

Posted by Kim on September 5, 2022, 9:00am

Just a reminder, friends: You can submit a bug report about any problem with the site you find, even if you don't think it qualifies as a "bug." This includes:
  • typos on site pages and help articles - basically anything that's not user-written
  • Stuff that works but is just really hard or confusing or unpleasant to use
  • Stuff you aren't sure is wrong but think might be
Your worst case scenario is that I'm very grateful you took the time to try and help me improve the site, even if there's nothing I can do about it right then. Best case, you set me on the trail of some big change that makes the site better for everyone, present and future. :)

To try and clear up some of the confusion about this, I've changed the contact form selection from just reading "Bug report" to reading "Bug report/general problem."

I've also added a new category of things you can contact me about, "Comment," which hopefully can function as a catch-all for those of you who absolutely hate to write in if you're not sure you picked the right category for what you had to say.

I super appreciate how much folks don't want to bother me, but I promise, you aren't. I want to hear from site users. :)

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September 7, 2022

Sometimes I just go and look at Sanne's accolades. :D


September 5, 2022

@Min-Ya Yes, it is. I still have your report - it's super duper browser version dependent which has made it very difficult to solve for one set of people without breaking it for another, but it's in process. My apologies for forgetting to loop you in on the technicalities of it!


September 5, 2022

Is it worth reporting character profile styles that don't work properly or is there nothing that can be done about them? I reported an issue a while ago but never got a response


September 5, 2022

And remember, if it IS a bug you get a shiny sparkly accolade on your profile! ;)