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Spring Masquerade is TOMORROW!

Posted by Kim on February 16, 2024, 9:00am

A woman dressed in makeshift armor cobbled together from slavaged pieces of metal. She has decorated it with pale pink scraps of fabric, which matches the cherry blossoms in her hair and the ratty, almost destroyed pink parasol she carries. The only items on her that look pristine are the brand new pink mask she wears, and the two hand grenades hanging from her belt. She is standing in front of a chain link fence, and in the background a horde of zombies slowly shambles toward the fence. Text reads Spring Masquerade 2024 and has cute little pink sparkles around the text.
You have one more day to put together your character to attend the masquerade event! Tomorrow, Saturday, February 17th, there will be a LIVE RP CHAT for our official spring masquerade event!

We will start at 11am PST when I post/unlock the official topic. The RP chat will be open for 6 hours. Not sure what time that is in your time zone? Try this handy dandy time zone converter.

We hope to see a variety of characters, an inclusive atmosphere, and an ever-changing cast to interact with. :D
We strongly encourage you to make a new, anonymous character to attend with! The setting is near-future zombie apocalypse survivors. Design your masquerade character profile this week in preparation. :)

You may attend with any of your existing characters if you really want to -- All characters will be required to wear a mask IC, and be set to anonymous, but those are the only restrictions - bring me your space captains, bizarre aliens, devoted scientists and starry-eyed adventurers! All characters are welcome, provided they don't destroy the venue.

When the masquerade event is over, the masks come off! Everybody can announce who they played after the event ends, so that you can connect with your newfound friends and disappear down the plot bunny's tunnel to make new stories.

Can't wait to see you there! :D



February 17, 2024

I do have my character done at long last! I almost forgot the theme, so I made a basic description of my character post-apocalypse and what they plan to do after it's all over. I hope her back being turned counts as a "mask" of sorts.


February 16, 2024

Made my character for this finally! He might not really fit within a zombie apocalypse, but imma do it anyways B3


February 16, 2024

Remember, designing a character for this can be as easy as picking a profession and thinking a little about how someone with that background might utilize their skills in the zombie apocalypse. One of the beauties of this setting is that ordinary humans are often highlighted as big heroes!