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Please keep in mind that I do have a busy schedule! With everything happening in my life, don't be upset if I can't respond to an rp, or even reply to you at all.

~Leo, MINOR, Zelda Fan, RPer ready for Anything. Formerly known as: Rinny_Howler~


Yep, that's me. The lazy do-nothing girl. Though when I do have the energy, I can be productive. Just pray that I am, though. I'm an RPer with 2 years under my belt, and most of my RPs are fantasy and fandom based.

Current Fandoms I RP

The Legend of Zelda
Linked Universe
Fire Emblem
Some Animes(MHA and Demon Slayer, for example)
More to come in the future!


What style to I use to roleplay?

I use third person and past tense writing form. I can write in first person and present, but I prefer to stick to what I know. I also roleplay in multi-paragraph, one line, and semi-literate styles. I prefer to stick to semi-literate.

Who will I roleplay with?

Your age doesn't matter to me. Just make sure you tell me your triggers, and I'll tell you mine. If you don't have any, well, just know I've been known to bring people to tears with my writing.

What types of roleplay do I do?

I do a variety of roleplays! My topics include angst, fluff, and even simple one-off stories. Don't be afraid to message me about any topic you wish to pursue with me.

OCs or CCs?

I stick to my own characters. Canon characters can sometimes be difficult to play, especially if they are the polar opposite to what I am. There are certain characters that I can roleplay, mainly from Fire Emblem.

Do I roleplay with male, female, or nonbinary characters?

I do all, but I only will do N!BxF, FxF, MxF, N!BxM, and FxM. I mostly RP female characters, though.

Am I open to rp at this moment?

Yes! I am, actually. Lately, I have been craving an angsty roleplay that includes betrayal and sacrifice.

That's it from me! If you want to roleplay or just talk, don't feel afraid to DM me!

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