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Hello hello!~

The name's Nay, and I'm a resident Tumblr and Discord user! I thought that I might as well dust off this account to find some new partners!

I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, but I love Zelda, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem! At the moment, I am looking for Star Wars roleplay if anybody is interested.

Please don't interact with me if you're over 30, it's more of a discomfort thing. Please don't interact if you are homophobic/sexist/etc. because it's a safety concern. I don't want to feel pressured with things.

My Roleplay Rules

Rule #1: I will not be active all of the time! Please do not pressure me into always being online. If I forget to reply to something due to inactivity, feel free to PM me!

Rule #2: Because it is against RPR's rules, I will not roleplay anything to do with smut. I will not do so due to my own comfort. I prefer to not roleplay anything suggestive.

Rule #3: Please do not make your characters unkillable. Sometimes in plots I do, a main character could die at the end of an rp. This also goes for my own characters, which are nowhere close to immortal. Please do not insta-kill a character either. All battles that take place in the roleplay will result in injuries, so your character also can't be unharmable.

Rule #4: This also ties somewhat into Rule 1, don't spam me with messages. As I've said before, I have a life outside of RPR. If you want to keep in touch a good amount of the time, you can ask for my Discord. I may actually give it to you before we start anything, but if I do not, I am either uncomfortable or I have forgotten.

Rule #5: This is more of a DNI thing. I don't really want to interact with homophobes, transphobes, racists, or anything of the like. I'm okay if you're straight, or religious, but please do not put that into everything, and do not try to change the way my characters work.

Rule #6: This is going to be short. Please do not control my character. I won't do that to you, so I ask that you do not do that to me.

My General Roleplay Style(s):

I prefer to at least write 2-3 paragraphs. I roleplay to match my partner, but I don't want one line responses. We need to keep the plot moving forward, and the best way to do that is to at least have 5+ lines. I roleplay on RPR like I do on Discord, except on Discord, I'm a lot more active.

<3 Thank you for reading this brief bio!! If you'd like to roleplay with me, please shoot me a message! <3


Rave Reviews

Nay is great! Not only do they have long posts and great characters, but she is also an extremely funny and kind person to talk to! I highly recommend either playing or talking to them, or both! She’s extremely nice. Great sense of humor Long posts - Sunstruck
I haven't been RPing with Nay long, but I am definitely enjoying every second of it! She is really nice, funny, and my GOODNESS does she write well. I can't help but smile whenever I read a new post from them and I am very glad to have started talking to them because they're just so sweet and entertaining. Kudos, Nay, you deserve more than you have 🥂 Drives the plot forward Fast responses - AliRevellian

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