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Help » Group profile widgets

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Group Text Widget

As much space as you need to write settings, rules, or anything else that will require a paragraph or more of text.

Group Gallery Widget

Use the gallery widget to display your art and reference pictures.

While editing a gallery widget, click the "Add an image" link.

Click "Choose file" to select the image file of your choice. Only .gif, .png and .jpg filetypes under 550KB in size will work.

Once you have selected your image file, click "Upload Image"

If you'd like, you can give the newly uploaded image an title and description. After you're done, click "Save Changes."

All images that contain nudity, or otherwise exceed the PG-13 rating must be properly marked as mature.

Random Text Widget

Each time the page loads, this widget displays a random quote, hint, or other piece of flavor text. Add as many choices as you want.

You may create as many random phrases as you please. Separate each phrase with three asterisks: ***

Featured Members Widget

Automatically show the group moderators, editors, GMs, or hand-pick some members to feature.

Search Widget

Let your members search the group's pages, forums, announcements and events with this handy widget. We recommend you place it into the universal sidebar!

Recruitment Widget

Displays a large "Join" button to non-members. Otherwise, this widget displays nothing to people who are already members. We recommend you place it into the universal sidebar!

Group Recent Activity Widget

Displays the group's most recent activity, similar to the homepage notifications.

Donate Widget

Adds two buttons to the page, giving visitors a chance to donate items from their inventory or to purchase the group gifts from the store.

Useful Links Widget

Generates a list of useful links, relevant to the person who is viewing the page. Very similar to the links shown via the group toolbar at the top of each profile page.

Display Case Widget

Recent Forum Posts Widget

Displays the most recently active forum topics.

Quick Chat Launch Widget

This widget will only display for people who are authorized to participate in the group's official chat topic. If you have not designated an official chat topic for the group, it will also not appear.

Upcoming Events Widget

Displays a list of the events that your group has scheduled.

Announcements Widget

Displays a list of the group's most recent announcements.