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Greetings. Veterinary bills and tuition have been hitting me like an absolute brick wall lately, so despite not having done them in forever, I'll be opening up commissions for the month of May. To receive a price estimate, please message me with the details of what you would like. I am flexible on rates and don't really have a set in stone price list, and I'm open to finaggling around with it to a reasonable extent. I am not opposed to PWYW commissions. Please view my complete terms of service here to answer any of the questions that might be bouncing around in your head.

For the time being, single character commissions only, please. Also note that I am much better at drawing feminine identifying characters and androgynous ones. For examples of my work, refer to the samples below. Otherwise, message me if you're interested!

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Saturninum Topic Starter

Saturninum Topic Starter

Knee-up scene commission for Isolus


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