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Profile last updated Nov 2 2020 12:17 PST
RP Status:

I went through a massive motivation slump for writing, and was expending my creative energy through other outlets as a result. I'm back now though, and will be responding as soon as I can.

Average response time: (I'm catching up to everyone right now, maybe 3 weeks???)

Expected Response time: (asap)


Veritae is finally, finally being worked on. However, I am working on the lore updates outside of RPR!
Do feel free to check out the old lore if you want to though:
Site is currently under heavy construction.



Hey guys!

I'm Tora!

I'm a girl obsessed with roleplaying and worldbuilding. I have a discord server with my beautiful and original medieval fantasy world Veritae. You will see it here on RPR (when I get around to finishing it. *cough*).

I have discord! I prefer discord for ooc talk but RPR for IC stuff. Discord is not required to RP with me though!

For now, DM me if you like, if you want to contact me there.

A good chunk of the art in my character profiles is mine.

You can also find me on Instagram and Smule under 8KinTora.

RP Rules! and other notes

1. Please don't bother/poke me for posts within two weeks. I am a very busy girl. If two weeks have passed, then you can poke me but not before. It annoys me when people can't understand that life exists.

2. I very much prefer high-school level, PROPER story writing. This means *no asterisk run-on whatevers like this*. I like punctuation, thank you.

3. No steampunk or any other 'punk cuz i'm not very experienced with it. I will make very few exceptions to this rule.

4. One thing I will ask from you is, please be open to lots of ooc communication for story purposes. Be proactive in coming up with ideas for plots, subplots, character connections and whatnot! I don't like feeling like I'm doing all the thinking.

5. Send me notice if you're going to be gone for more than a month. P L E A S E. I don't like being ghosted and left alone without knowing what's going on. If there's a problem, please don't hesitate to talk to me about it freely.

6. Recommended/preferred minimum is 6 lines (or 10 lines if you're on mobile)

7. The usual. No godmodding, no autohitting, no metagaming. Any exceptions to this rule at all (including 4th-wall-break and any retcon) MUST be discussed beforehand ooc before it shows up in IC rp.

8. No Script-style RP! Sorry! I just don't like it.

9. I will NOT RP smut with you if your age is not on your profile OR if you are under 18. IRL laws still apply, people.

- rules will be updated as needed.

FYIs and Things to Know When RPing with me

- Feel free to keep checking my profile for RP Status!

- Please be aware that I love a story-driven RP. I don't mind combat or smut, but I will get bored too easily without any plot to go with it. Keep me intrigued though and I will love you forever :3

- I LOVE dark themes as well as FEELS. (I'm highly weak to the latter XD)

- I am a huge spelling nut. The occasional typos are okay, since I make them myself, but consistently spelling a character, place, or other word wrong drives me BONKERS.

- I'm terrible at writing profiles. I'm sure most people will tell you that I am better at playing the character and just describing them in general than writing profiles for them. just ask rather than looking at my characters lol

- DON'T BE AFRAID to tell me when you are losing interest in the RP. It's a chance for me to either redouble my efforts or talk more ooc about plot things.

smut rules

- note that I am *terrible* at playing submissive. My characters are dominant or switch, and some have further limitations. Only certain characters are available for smut so please ask.
- I have specific kinks that i really don't like so please ask about them first.
- in general, please communicate about kinks and their severity.
- please please please know your bodily terms.

Canon worlds I'm open to RP

I prefer AUs, thanks.

--Kingdom Hearts
--Danganronpa, any series
--Yu-Gi-Oh, original, GX, 5D's, and Zexal (NOT Arc5 or VRAINS)
--Code: LYOKO
--Harry Potter
--Persona (4 or 5)
--Avatar ATL
--Maximum Ride
--Ranger's Apprentice
--Naruto (low-key, depends on RP)
--more to come, eventually

Rave Reviews

Tora is a very talented writer (and generally, artist). As a person, she is energetic and creative, and a very pleasant presence OOC. Despite a busy schedule, she finds the time to compose the loveliest of posts and although we wrote only briefly together so far I certainly hope that will change in the future as the plot thickens in Tam'nýer—a'. :D Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DorianM
Tora has not only become a great friend, but she has inspired me to be great at what I do. She is a storymaster with a natural gift of world building. She is also a loremaster with a love for detail and rich context. I offered her a role in Obelus and she exceeded expectations. Now we are building our world together. She is loyal and supportive and if you want an honest friend that happens to be a great writer, I recommend reaching out to Tora. You won’t be disappointed. Tora is the Truth! - Serverus

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