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Screenwriter/Novelist/Electrician that loves Roleplaying, Gaming and just enjoys to create.

My Motto:

Have fun, write true and never ever let people dictate to how you write. Writing is a beautiful hobby and we are all creative people with the natural ability to figure it out.

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Oh my goodness, this gentleman right here! I am so glad we ran into each other in the course of human events! Serverus is just a master of world building and character building. It really is incredible how he can weave multiple stories and characters and plot threads seamlessly together like some sort of magical storytelling tailor. He's also open to critiques and suggestions and just generally easy to get along with and talk to. You, yes you, need to get in on something with him. Trust me. - Dndmama
Serverus is the kind of roleplayer that knows exactly how to get you hooked. He's a roleplayer who is gifted with the art of narration. He doesn't just simply reply, but he adds to the rp with his own ideas and NPC's which adds depth to the story. There are no flat, plot-less stories and characters with Serv. - furandfeatherscales

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