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Screenwriter/Novelist/Electrician that loves Roleplaying, Gaming and just enjoys to create.

My Motto:

Have fun, write true and never ever let people dictate to how you write. Writing is a beautiful hobby and we are all creative people with the natural ability to figure it out.

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Serverus is the kind of roleplayer that knows exactly how to get you hooked. He's a roleplayer who is gifted with the art of narration. He doesn't just simply reply, but he adds to the rp with his own ideas and NPC's which adds depth to the story. There are no flat, plot-less stories and characters with Serv. - furandfeatherscales
What can I say about Serverus? XD He's a sweet, kind, and dedicated soul who has managed to not only create his own beautiful world, but is a wonderful person to bounce ideas off of. he has a wonderful imagination and I am honored to be at his side as Obelus' co-admin. He's a busy bee, but consider yourself quite lucky to work with him if you get a chance!

*Tigerbun stamp of approval* - 8TigerBunnyTora

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