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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: January 06

Profile last updated Apr 18 2019 12:22 pm PST
RP Status:

Hey guys. I'm so sorry I've been away. RL is not treating me very well and I've been suffering depressive episodes that usually consist of unproductivity. I'm slowly getting better though, so hopefully I can tackle this RP wall slowly but surely.


I have decided to take the leap and bring my beloved baby, my medieval fantasy world Veritae, to have its own unveiling in RPR. I am transferring lore into an ooc group before I kick things off with a bang of activity.
Site is currently under heavy construction.
Send me some PMs/DMs about plots before you join, otherwise I'll reject your app lol.
Keep a lookout for any drifting threads “The Chronicles of Ichor”!


Hey guys!

I'm Tora!

I'm a college student obsessed with roleplaying and worldbuilding. I have a discord server with my beautiful and original medieval fantasy world Veritae. You will see it here on RPR very soon.

I have discord! I prefer discord for ooc talk but RPR for IC stuff. Discord is not required to RP with me though!

For now, DM me if you like, if you want to contact me there.

*most* of the art in my character profiles is mine.

RP Rules! and other notes

- please don't bother/poke me for posts within two weeks. I am a very busy girl. If two weeks have passed, then you can poke me but not before. It annoys me when people can't understand that life exists.
- high-school level, PROPER story writing. This means *no asterisk run-on whatevers like this* I like punctuation, thank you.
- no steampunk or any other 'punk cuz i'm not very experienced with it. I will make *very* few exceptions to this rule.
-I love a story-driven RP.
- fyi: I'm terrible at writing profiles. I'm sure most people will tell you that I am better at playing the character and just describing them in general than writing profiles for them. just ask rather than looking at my characters lol
- lots of ooc communication for story purposes.
- I prefer players who are actively coming up with ideas as we go along. I don't like feeling as if I'm doing everything.
- send me notice if you're going to be gone for three weeks plus. P L E A S E
- preferred minimum is 6 lines (or 10 lines if you're on mobile)
- no Script-style RP! Sorry!
- random fyi: I LOVE dark themes as well as FEELS. (I'm highly weak to the latter XD)
- at least semi-literate. I prefer 15+ age but so long as your writing is alright I can work with it.
- Feel free to keep checking my profile for RP Status!
- Sometimes I write a lot when I get excited. Please try not to get intimidated.
- SPELLING. PLEASE. I understand occasional typos that get missed but consistently spelling a word or a character's name wrong drives me BONKERS.
- DON'T BE AFRAID to tell me when you are losing interest in the RP. It's a chance for me to either redouble my efforts or talk more ooc about plot things.
- rules will be updated as needed.
smut rules

- note that I am *terrible* at playing submissive. My characters are dominant or switch, and some have further limitations. Only certain characters are available for smut so please ask.
- I have specific kinks that i really don't like so please ask about them first.
- in general, please communicate about kinks and their severity.
- please please please know your bodily terms.

Canon worlds I'm open to RP

I prefer AUs, thanks.

--Kingdom Hearts
--Danganronpa, any series
--Yu-Gi-Oh, original, GX, 5D's, and Zexal (NOT Arc5 or VRAINS)
--Code: LYOKO
--Harry Potter
--Persona (4 or 5)
--Avatar ATL (I can be convinced to do TLO Korra with some effort)
--Maximum Ride
--Ranger's Apprentice
--Naruto (low-key, depends on RP)
--more to come, eventually

Rave Reviews

  • Though we have only rped once, and that we didn't even finish, I will give Tora here some kudos. She have pushed me out of my comfort zone, making me able to write bigger pieces of text. She have taught me how to be a better Rper. So I say this Tora, thank you.
    -- Skipbab
  • Tora has not only become a great friend, but she has inspired me to be great at what I do. She is a storymaster with a natural gift of world building. She is also a loremaster with a love for detail and rich context. I offered her a role in Obelus and she exceeded...
    -- Serverus

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