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Kudos for AJ_89

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Vaidya (played by AJ_89)
    I have said this many times, but I'll say it again--AJ knows how to make a damn good and interesting character, and Vaidya is all of these, and more. AJ and I have been roleplaying pieces of Vaidya's and Jax's past so that we could lay the foundation of who they are and how they react to one another. Already there has been some wonderful character development, and I want to thank AJ for giving me such an outstanding time in roleplay! I cannot wait to continue their story! - Avelithe

  • AJ is one of the most brilliant storytellers I know, exceptionally patient with slow-burn plots that I have come to appreciate so much. AJ has helped give life to a world that I’m in awe to be a part of, cleverly molding fantastic areas, places, and events that make me believe they actually exist, or is happening. AJ is such a gem in our community. I hope to be half the outstanding storyteller they are some day! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Avelithe

  • AJ is a dear friend and an absolute creative genius. I have never met someone who puts as much research into their writing as AJ, and it shows. They play a damn convincing doctor, and our little sci-fi community would surely be floundering without all the time, effort, and dedication AJ puts into bringing it to life. Do not pass up the opportunity to RP with AJ--you won't regret it! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - miarup

  • The amount of times that AJ's had to run and research during a mad-science-heavy-scene has become innumerable - and that's the kind of love AJ lavishes upon their creations. Every detail, even in a fantastical world, will be grounded and believable, every character will be motivated, and each could not be more different from the other. It's staggeringly impressive and always a delight to witness. (And that's not even taking into account our own silly let's-says ascending to canon!) Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Rigby

  • This guy made an amazing trick or treat topic that really added detail to a colorful, substantial Halloween celebration. A genteel character, a polite and considerate RP style, very sly humor, nicely written scenes. A delight to RP with. Thanks, sirrah! - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • People with a level of devotion like AJ has are major players in bringing a community closer. AJ's always pitching new continuity additions/devious plots and entertaining everyone with a great sense of humor (which is an important, rare quality in a good RPer!) Better yet, AJ is an incredible artist, but in a way that not only is beautiful, but also makes others feel included and appreciated: they draw hundreds of character interactions, illustrating hilarious moments. Big kudos to AJ! - jamerson

  • (Part II) There is a lot of love, thought, and effort put into them, which makes jumping into their world quite an experience. Not only are they a fantastic writer, but an outstanding artist that occasionally commemorates roleplay scenes or ideas in the form of hilarious comic strips called 'bloopers'. They are such a valuable person and friend, and I am thrilled to know them. I hope they never stop creating. - Avelithe

  • (Part I) It is incredible how a writer like AJ can effortlessly paint their stories using words and phrases that are easy to comprehend, making roleplaying with them entertaining and memorable. Their writing is like a warm tea: easy to enjoy, smartly prepared, but with a side of personality. They have a deep passion with their characters. You could even say that they treat their characters like their own children. - Avelithe

  • Cecille Gadhavi (played by AJ_89)
    The best Doctor ever. Cecille is an amazing character, extremely well-written and seemingly just absentminded. They could be dark underneath it all, and one would never know - who doesn't love that bit of mystery? I certainly do! Even if they're a bit of an introvert, they add such a unique flavour to scenes and I enjoy when my characters get to join them for some good ol' science-y scenes. - Rook

  • AJ is a person who puts a considerable amount of thought, involvement and mystery into their characters and games - and off the RP scene, they've been gleefully nerdy, forever caffeinated, a dedicated Whovian (who likes the deep cuts - who else can talk Eight?!) and a talented cartoonist. I've only known them for a handful of months, but during these months they've been a consistent delight, whether we're talking or playing! I'm grateful to have known them and recommend hitting them up for RP! - Rigby