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Hello, and welcome to my profile. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

About me
I've been RPing for 13+ years. I have created well over 300 characters during that time, though there are some I prefer playing more than others. I will slowly work on adding a few of them here to RPR when I have time to do so. I enjoy RPing mostly in Sci-Fi and Fantasy settings, but I am open to pretty much anything that catches my interest. I tend to RP OCs, even when set within a specific fandom universe.

I'm 32, but my mood strongly determines how mature I'll act at any given time. I mostly just try to have fun and not take things too seriously. I prefer to RP with those who are 18+, as my writing style tends to include graphic scenes, though I do try to curtail that depending on my RP partner's tastes. When it comes to RPing, I try to stick to a minimum of two paragraphs (usually 150-200 words each), though I will do more depending on inspiration and motivation.

I do work, and my current schedule is Wednesday through Saturday, 4:00pm to 11:30pm CST. So I typically try to get out responses before I leave for work, or when I get home. So please be patient. I try to reply either the same day or next day after I receive a post. I love to RP, and I have no intentions of ghosting anyone. If I get stuck on a response, or lose interest, I will let you know.

Favorite fandoms
Demon Slayer
Dragon Ball
Dungeons & Dragons
Goblin Slayer
Monster Hunter
My Hero Acadamia
Outlaw Star
Star Wars
Yu Yu Hakusho

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