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Say hi! I like it. But don't take it personally if I don't reply to a message. I've got a lot going on and choose not to stress over my inbox. I may be more conscious of my boundaries than others.

Rp Status: Feel free to ask! I'm open to offers from all!

Rp Rules and Preferences
  • Para, real time RP is my jam, but I may be open to slow posts if we really click. Currently I only Rp on discord. I too often forget to reply anywhere else.
  • I only play with adults (18+). I don't expect age to matter, but I'm gettin' old and that age gap is gettin' bigger.
  • Don't make puppy eyes, stomp your feet or require explanations if I don't play with you. Rp is something I do for fun. It isn't something I owe. I am wiped out with this behavior.
Friend Requests: I might deny a friend request if I don't recognize the sender. It's nothing personal. My list was getting chaotic!

spicycat5_by_greekceltic-dbced0y.pngYou can call me Ashley, but you may know me better as GreekCeltic or TrashBowser.

I like modern fantasy Rp, and enjoy fantasy sometimes too.
You may find it hard to catch me for a second game, but generally I really enjoy meeting new players and sneak-peeking their characters! I'm kinda like Haley's Comet though, you'll see me once and then not again for seventy five years. I know, that's not a very good sell, but it is what it is, and once in a while I meet someone I really click with and we end up doing more.

I run a couple of discord servers with the help of friends. Here they are:
(Real time roleplay server.)
(General roleplay server.)

Icon and profile art by Louis Wain.

Rave Reviews

Ashley has a cast of unique characters with incredible development in both history and personality. They're fun to play alongside, and it's fun to watch the intertwined relationships between her characters unfold when they're in the same roleplay. Jacky is an energetic mischief maker and Gale is the Alpha Dad with the patience of a saint. I love throwing my characters in with hers, as I'm sure many others do. - PantheraCorax
Wonderful, out-going, and incredibly inclusive of everyone! It's thanks to her reaching out that has introduced me to several other wonderful people and gotten back into RPing after a very long dry spell. The work that she does to bring people together is impressive and has to take the patience of a saint. AND her characters are A+ awesome quality and a delight to play with. Thank you for being you! - EvionFox

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