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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 33
  • Birthday: August 27

I'm somewhat on RP hiatus, so I may not respond to requests. You can probably catch me for casual conversation on my discord server if there's something you need!

spicycat5_by_greekceltic-dbced0y.pngHowdy! You can call me Ashley, but you may know me better as GreekCeltic.

I like modern fantasy Rp, and enjoy fantasy sometimes too. I tend to prefer an 18+ crowd because I am getting old and the age difference is getting so big. I'm not looking for anything erotic, just stories please.

How to Catch an Ashley.
I've been told I'm hard to get ahold of. It's true. I admit it. Here are some tips on how to catch and captivate a wild Ashley.

Wanna Rp? Have a gander at my info page!

- I'm generally online in the evenings Central USA Time and stay active until about 3 am.

Did I not answer your private message? My bad, I have a habit of that.

- I'm more likely to reply if I know what you want. Have an OC you want to play with me? Leave me links! I won't consider it rude if you leave me a hello and a flyby of information.
- If I don't answer a PM right away, I'm probably busy or already forgot. Try again later.
- Don't pressure or guilt trip.
- Don't leave expansive ideas for storylines unless I ask or it's something off my wishlist. You can feed me a setting and a character you like, but I prefer to just put OCs in a space together and see what happens.
- If I didn't reply it doesn't mean I hate you. That's just how I am.

I do all my playing on Discord. You can find me on Spicy Cats daily.

I have an RP wishlist, give it a gander!

Can I message you?
Sure! You are WELCOME to message me any time about wanting to RP or plot something, but please don't get pushy if I don't respond. I get a lot of messages, and I don't mind getting them as long as they stay casual.

Rave Reviews

  • Ashley has a cast of unique characters with incredible development in both history and personality. They're fun to play alongside, and it's fun to watch the intertwined relationships between her characters unfold when they're in the same roleplay. Jacky is an...
    -- PantheraCorax
  • Wonderful, out-going, and incredibly inclusive of everyone! It's thanks to her reaching out that has introduced me to several other wonderful people and gotten back into RPing after a very long dry spell. The work that she does to bring people together is impressive...
    -- EvionFox

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