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Hello | Welcome | Cookiesareyummie
Update: Working on some characters,trying to make the profiles look nice
Roleplay status: Open
Mentally: Doing fine

Futari saison

hana no nai sakura wo miagete
mankai no hi wo omotta koto wa atta ka
souzou shinakya
yume wa mirarenai
Have you ever looked up at a cherry blossom with no
flowers and thought of the day it was in full bloom?
You have to imagine,
or you won’t be able to dream

二人セゾン | Futari Saison | We are a Season

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Hello everybody, my name is Cookiesareyummie!
I am a girl from the Netherlands who absolutely loves to rp.

I roleplay for 4 years and two years on this website.
My hobbies are: Roleplaying, writing, singing, dancing, acting, reading and learning new languages.
I am also a fan off: Dreamcatcher, Keyakizaka46, Weeekly, Cignature, Judith Blegen and Audrey Hepburn
I also really like, opera,musical and ballet.


«───── ⋅Rp⋅ ─────»

Now a bit more about my roleplay style:
I usually write a couple of small paragraphs, or less but bigger paragraphs [more when I like the rp a lot]
I love the genres: Modern, dark, fantasy, historic, sci fi, slice of life and romance. {I would be willing to try out more genres as well}
I usually write in third person
I am LGBTQ+ friendly, I am myself bisexual and some of my characters are LGBTQ+ as well.


»—— ♡ Rules ♡——«

Just like most people, I have some rules when it comes to roleplaying. This is to keep the rp fun!
Rule number 1 : No sex, smut and Erotica {I am underage}
Rule number 2 : No onelines, I prefer my partner to write semi lit or paragraphs or something in between.
Rule number 3 : No powerplay, godmodding and metagaming.
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Jiu pictures;Credit
Fairies:Arthur Rackham (1908)
Dami: Credit
Futari saison:Credit

Rave Reviews

This girl is very nice ooc and fun to talk to. She is good and consistent as she gains role-play skills and is very enthusiastic. Nice friend! - Abigail_Austin
This girl is such a nice person to get to know OOC and she's a very great and enthusiastic roleplayer! The character of hers I'm rping with clashes with mine in such an interesting way and I love it! I'm just glad she puts up with my slower responses haha. - Gab

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