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Boku wa iyada!

Last edit : 22 febuary 2021
Update: Mental health is going up and down, not accepting new roleplays unless i see something i really like.


Hello everybody, I am Cookiesareyummie welcome on my profile

I am a dutch girl, who roleplays for almost 4 years.
I like genres like sci fi, historic, horror, slice of life, romance and more feel free to ask!

I usually write in third person and I write in paragraphs
I am also a minor, so I don't do sexual things in rp's

Rave Reviews

This girl is very nice ooc and fun to talk to. She is good and consistent as she gains role-play skills and is very enthusiastic. Nice friend! - Abigail_Austin
This person is nice and is getting constantly better at RPing. She's an interesting person to talk to. She has creative ideas for plots. It's nice to know her. - Abigail_Austin

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