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Currently: ~•Closed for rp's~•

Hi, I am Cookiesareyummie!
I am a Dutch girl who likes to rp! And who likes to have fun.
I like;
~•Musicals, Opera, Ballet, Old movies, reading, roleplaying and writing.
~•I roleplay now for almost 2 years and so far I enjoy it alot!
~•Currently I enjoy to watch movies with Audrey Hepburn, I am trying to collect all her movies.
~•I am a huge fan of Judith Blegen, Audrey Hepburn and Pia Douwes.
~•I am also a big fan of Dreamcatcher!


•- I can write up to 3 paragrahps (more when I like the rp alot)
•- I like the genres; Fantasy, Sci fi, Historic and modern.
•- I'd prefer my partner to write in paragrahps or semi lit. Or something in between that.
•- I don't do smut, sex or erotica. I am underage and simply can't do it
Please no; Godmodding/Powerplay/Metagaming/Oneliners

•~That's it for now. If you wanna rp shoot me a pm.~•

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Rave Reviews

This girl is such a nice person to get to know OOC and she's a very great and enthusiastic roleplayer! The character of hers I'm rping with clashes with mine in such an interesting way and I love it! I'm just glad she puts up with my slower responses haha. - Gab
Cookies is an extremely fun person to roleplay and talk with! Every post is another eyebrow raiser that contributes very nicely to the plot and allows smooth progression. She knows just what to do to make the story or the roleplay escalate with her characters and become even more interesting and engaging. She is very kind and considerate when it comes to collaboration or talking about something OOC and it creates comfort to share ideas. I would totally recommend roleplaying with Cookies! - Lightningstar

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