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Update: mental health is annoying sometimes, I am also busy with school don’t expect too much from me

Welcome too my profile, the name is cookies.


My name is cookies, my age is 16 which means I am a minor.
Things I like is jpop, kpop, reading, learning and writing

~ I'd prefer you too write in paragraphs, but something in between semi lit and paragraphs is fine too.
~ No smut/erotica or sexual things, I don't want to rp this.
~No metagaming/ powerplay/ godmodding
~ i try my best too respond as much as i can however, i am buisy with school and my mental health can seriously effect how much i respond. I try too respond at least once a week or once a two weeks.
~I won't rp with you if u are racist, homophobic, transphobic.
~ No oneliners
Bit more about my roleplay style:
I usually write in paragraphs.
I write in third person.
I am LGBTQ+ friendly! I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself and most of my characters are LGBQT+ as well.

Rave Reviews

I have been writing her for quite a while, and she has become one of the rps I look forward writing too! She is a great writer, knows how to keep the plot going and her characters are interesting and have quirks that make them even better! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - trashcanmurderer
And here we are again, 'cause this lassy here deserves a second batch of commendation! The best thing about Cookie is that she's herself, imaginative and merry in her own way, the most consistent player I know, and always up for chatting or jibber-jabber about RP. And her characters.. man, aren't they a happy bunch? The girl definitely knows what she's doing; whether she's playing an annoying yet adorable kid or a prideful yet bright dragon, she does it amazingly. Keep kicking, m'lass! c: - GarnaalProductions

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