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Hi, I'm an idiot who is r/autistic and I've been roleplaying for 5 months and I'm very good at it. I never do anything to change the story unless it makes sense and goes along with the theme. I'm straight and have a girlfriend. I like my roleplays to be concise and I am very good with romance and action ect. and I am the master of comedy (I've got refrences, none of which goes on this website). This will make you laugh so hard your ass will fall off lol and so will this. I like to spell "both" with an L so it says "bolth." Because why the frick not?

P.S. I have a youtube channel, please subscribe

P.P.S I'm also on bandlab, please follow me

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D4nte is really good at role playing, he can respond in a quick second he is fun, caring, very creative, I love having him as a partner and a bestfriend im glad I have him as a role playing partner Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Anonymous
Well, this here is the cuteness known as Dante. Quick response time and actually very entertaining to be friends with as well as to RP with. Very creative and an all-round nice person to be around. I will claim this Neko Chan as a friend <3 <3 <3 Fast responses Long-term partner - Aaricia

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