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Hello there, thanks for stopping by. My names Jordan, but feel free to call me Dawnseeker. I've been writing and RPing for a number of years now, starting to get old at 28, but there's nothing I enjoy more than seeing where other peoples imaginations and stories can fit in the worlds I've built.

I've always loved fantasy stories for as long as I can remember. From reading my grandfather's copy of The Lord of the Rings to binging the entire series of Game of Thrones after seeing season 1, I've always enjoyed reading, watching and playing fantasy. While I've tried to dabble in sci-fi RPs, I've always felt a little out of my depth.

So relax a while, take a seat by my fire, and tell tales of worlds beyond our own.

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What's not to like about this amazing rper. I have only just scratched the surface of the world he's creating and the lore he is master of, but so far it's been a wonderful journey. His characters are believable, loveable, and lots of other 'ables' too. OOC he's fun to talk to and plot with, Overall - he gets an A++ from me! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - BreezyDawn
Dawn has built a fantastic world for my first try at rp on this site. He is flexible and values his players' ideas and suggestions for world and lore building. He takes great effort to ensure that his players are having fun. Can't wait for our future adventures! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - silentruth

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    One of the greatest writers and storytellers on this site. Not only is she enthusiastic and creative, but kind and caring. I consider her a close and personal friend. Wonderful writer Long-term partner
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    Sometimes there just enough enough words to describe someone. Breezy is an amazing person, both in and out of character. Truly a wonderful writer, far better than myself and more than willing to get involved helping to develop the world and the characters in it, anyone who gets the chance to work with her is extremely lucky. I'm excited to continue our own story together, and hope to continue working with her for a long time. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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