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I am getting back into roleplaying again after a long hiatus. I prefer fantasy settings but I can adapt. Dealt is my main and has been getting a few more requests than I realized! So I am sorry if I am slow to respond but I do what I can, I also stream from time to time for fun (gaming, not a plug just an explanation) and usually after 8pm EST I am streaming and/or gaming with friends, so I also slow down responses at that time as well!

More to come! Maybe

CURRENT STATUS: Life is still kind of in the way but I am open to rping again just may be slow from time to time!

Rave Reviews

We haven't gotten to do much but the little writing we have shared has absolutely been enchanting! I'm excited to learn more about your character as time goes on and to see more of your beautifully detailed responses. - Eniiko
Dealt (played by Dharlas)
If you are looking for an RP'er with great vocabulary, and excellent word flow... you've got to RP with this man! He's always up for sinister plots that will throw a twist in your character. - Callan

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