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I am getting back into roleplaying again after a long hiatus. I prefer fantasy settings but I can adapt. Dealt is my main and has been getting a few more requests than I realized! So I am sorry if I am slow to respond but I do what I can, I also stream from time to time for fun (gaming, not a plug just an explanation) and usually after 8pm EST I am streaming and/or gaming with friends, so I also slow down responses at that time as well!

More to come! Maybe

CURRENT STATUS: Life is still kind of in the way but I am open to rping again just may be slow from time to time!

Rave Reviews

After writing and befriending this amazing writer I can fully vouch that they are an absolute pleasure to go on adventures (and misadventures) with and will always surprise you! Every single time! - Eniiko
Not only is this man very easy and fun to talk to, he's an outstanding writer with amazing skill. I've personally taken a liking to his pirate...who is surprisingly interesting! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - staticnightmares

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