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Thank you, Penumbra!!
Taken at LARF
I am a massive Dingus and way too friendly sometimes. Like a large puppy.

Gin and Djinn are pronounced the same way and both are spirits in a bottle.


Always remember, I am

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Revolver is, simply put, the best. I've always looked forward to our scenes, because he's an incredibly talented writer. I love each and every character I've seen of his so far, and the sheer amount of time and research he puts into them is astounding. Never turn down an opportunity to rp or chat with this guy, because not only is he one of the best roleplayers out there, he's one of the best friends you can have. - Silby
I really love RPing with Blackito's character Ees. He is fun, curious, and enjoyable. A bit quirky, but not too much. The player himself is always upbeat and silly. It's impossible to RP with such a fun guy without developing an awesome friendship. - CelestinaGrey

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