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Thank you, Penumbra!!
Taken at LARF
I am a massive Dingus and way too friendly sometimes. Like a large puppy.

Gin and Djinn are pronounced the same way and both are spirits in a bottle.


Always remember, I am

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Where do I start? This person here, I've known them for quite some time and over time they have developed into literally one of my best friends. They have a whole slew of insanely in depth characters each one vastly different from the next. He and I have shared many a late night together either rping or just talking until the sun comes up. One of the sweetest and most honest people I know. - Healthbar
I think this'll be my first time giving Kudos, but this kid. This kid right here. Good kid. He's an excellent friend to have by your side, always willing to lend an ear and give sage advice. And his CHARACTERS, omg, they're all so fun and interesting and unique, they're definitely worth an RP! Talk to him! You WILL love him as much as I do! - Verainne

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  • Djinn-n-Tonic gave Layouts (played by Cami) kudos:
    Commissioned them for a template and was delighted by the result. She worked with me and showed me many wips of the template so we could work together with ideas. Super polite with fairly quick turn around is also a huge plus.

    Honestly cant go wrong with commissioning them and I intend to do so again in the future. Kind and understanding Creative ideas
    (About 1 month 4 weeks ago)
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