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Ahhh.....I've been a part of this site for a while now, and I've neglected to write anything about myself!~

Well, I love Rp, I've been doing it for a while. I usually respond with paragraphs, unless you respond with short sentences - I get a lack of creativity when that happens. I love....actually, I love every single genre that this site has to offer!~ They all are so different, but so much fun! I'm an aspiring author, so I usually come on this site to roleplay for ideas for books or short stories I'm writing!

I'm an artist too, as well as a singer/dancer/actress. I'm a Panromantic Demisexual girl, so most of my characters are at least bi.

I love all sorts of music as well, from heavy metal to classical Jazz XD it's a little strange, I know, but pretty much the only music genre I steer clear from is country. No offense to country, but my uncle overplays it all the time. >.<

Anyways, please PM me! I'd love to RP~


Rave Reviews

First of all, she's a very fun person to RP with! It happens sometimes when a RP will lose its spark after a while, but not with this person because she always keeps it enjoyable! Each of her replies are filled with imagination and you're always invited to discover the world her characters are breathing in.

Speaking of her characters, they're so charming! I like how they never leave you out and always interact with your characters which is an important trait I like.

Do give her a try! - DancingWithAStranger
FandomsForDays is a great role player. Everytime I get a message from them I get to happy. They're descriptive and always can make me smile. Our 3 rps never get old. They're all so creative and diffrent in there own ways. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - NortherStar

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