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Call me Flower. Or Nelle is fine.

Timezone is Eastern
I'm active 10 pm - 6 am on my days off, work days may vary

I have depression and anixety
But I love roleplay and making friends

FlowerchildPrincess's Characters

FlowerchildPrincess either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Although she struggles, she is still a bright light despite the overbearing darkness in her mind! I still can't believe I have yet to give this lady kudos, so I will now. She is loyal to her plots. Amazing at designing websites. Like holy crap I wish as I was good as her! And always WILLING to jump into plot ideas. Open minded, sincere and friendly when you get past the shy barrier....well. I'm telling you, you just don't want to pass up roleplaying with this lady! - Michonne
I've always loved their writing, fun and skillfully detailed pieces continually making me want more! A great person to chat with and all around good time! I hope we get to RP again soon! :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - CisMe

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