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After clicking on the name you find yourself here, whatever here is in the first place. All you can see is a startled human figure behind what looks like a simple lemonade stand, rushing to sit in a well mannered way on their chair while their hands tidy up the objects over the wood board, glass jar clinking with the ice inside it.

“Hey there! Welcome to my corner of the RPRepository where I hide but people still manage to find me. As is customary, I’ll introduce myself to you, unless you actually came here for a glass of ice-cold lemon juice?”

Ask for a glass.
“Oh! So another enjoyer of citric refreshments! Well, since it is like this, I can’t help but give you one for free. Here you go, make sure to savour it!"

“Well, to start off, my name is Helleyn! I am genderfluid and well over my twenties. As for pronouns: Don’t worry about that with me. I don’t feel strongly about how people choose to address me as long as it is respectful. Everyone deserves some show of courtesy upon first meetings after all. I'm most comfortable with 1v1 RP and Fade-To-Black Romance.”

Ask about the worn diary.
“This? Just where I put my wandering thoughts. Sometimes, it also works as a draft for my roleplaying emotes. Although... I do tend to write for my partners straight from the sending pages. A bad habit of some sort. Tends to put me in deep trouble since it’s easier to lose all my writing by accident.”
Ask about how they write.
“Oh, uhm, this is a tad embarrassing to say but I am not sure myself since English isn’t my first language; This is more of a hobby than anything else so I don’t tend to overthink while doing it. If I have to describe it in academic terms… Then it would be Literary writing, third person with semi-omniscient narrator, paragraph style. As for the range of my responses during roleplay, I am more inclined to mirror my partner. With the exception of one-liners. I just can’t do them- Or read them! They always make me feel sad, surprisingly, so… Yeah. That 's how I write.”

Ask about the headphones.
“Hm. I think I spend more time listening to music than anything else. My taste is very, uh, broad to say the least. Some days I can be writing while hearing a heavy rock ballad and the next just put an old overused pop song on repeat to help outline a plot. The way I fill my song playlists is rather simple: I discover it, listen to it two times, like it? Add it. Another of my favourite pastimes, besides day-dreaming imaginary scenarios, is forming playlists for characters. Oh! And I am absolutely open about receiving recommendations in my inbox! Or if you feel like it, I can read your character profile and name a melody in my archive that evokes their image to me.”

Ask about the mail holder.
A-Ah… This is my Inbox. It is- It is my greatest nemesis. Um, how to say this… I am a very timid person. Overthinking is my Anxiety’s sweetheart. It may seem like I am exaggerating, but even so, some days the notification after receiving electronic mail can make my heartbeat start running a marathon. I can freeze or become restless, so much so that I need to walk around in circles or something. It’s hard to explain why and I’m still working to understand it myself, so, please be patient if you send me something. It may take a while for me to answer.”

Ask why you can’t depict them.
“As most people on the internet, I like to hide behind this anonymity the screen brings. And as a creator, isn’t it more thrilling to be a blank canvas so I can draw every day what I want to appear to be? To be honest, if I could, I’d just be a spec of light. Like a firefly! Who sells lemonade. Huh, that’s an idea.”

Ask why a lemonade stand.
“When life gives me lemons, which is rather frequent, I make sweet and refreshing lemonade! If I am desperate, maybe a lemon pie. Since Life can be rather sour it is up to me to make it at least a bit sweet. Or else I won’t survive. Oh and believe me, I’m not the sugar fanatic that can eat a box of chocolates in one sitting, so when I need something sweet it is just a tiny-bitsy-teaspoon amount. I’m more of a spicy person than sweet or sour.”

“Well, if that’s all you wanted to know then you reached the End. You can always talk to me in a Direct Message for anything, be it Roleplay or just OOC chitchat. Hope you’re able to continue creating great stories no matter where you find yourself! There is always room for new tales to be told in this world.”

Last music played:
☆★☆→ Wand of Epicness: Gifted by Sorrisky! ←☆★☆

Rave Reviews

In the spirit of a new year, I shall give my praise where it is deserved! I must say that Helleyn is a delightful individual to talk with OOC and decisively an in-depth writing partner at the same time. They, without prompt, add to the world for our OC's while also keeping their character intertwined with what's going on perfectly. (Not to mention deal with my curveball posts with fineness.)
Also, their music taste is amazing. Tunes are always on point. ♫♫ Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Sorrisky

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