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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Non-binary


Regarding the Honourable Hooke • Artist. • Friendly neighbourhood squid wait no I mean--. • Individual of mysterious and indistinct gender. • Aspiring pornomancer. • Novelty sock enthusiast. • Dating a space bug. • Moonlights as a spaceship. • Tends to leak. •

Roleplay Basics • If you come across one of my brainchildren in an adults-only area, kindly do not approach if underage. • I am PM friendly. If you've any questions concerning my characters, don't hesitate to ask. • I keep many pictures of your species on my walls to... inspire me. • Do not conflate IC with OOC. •

I RP through Discord or via note here on RPR. Please do hit me up if interested. Currently active characters are listed to the side.

Relevant LinksFor those who give a good goddamn.

Rave Reviews

  • We haven't spoken in a hot minute, but Hooke will always be someone I care about and wish well. 500 characters cannot do them justice. Their art has always been #goals for me, something to strive to match in my own style and way. Their writing is elegant and...
    -- Auberon
  • Hookleberry there are no words to express how wonderful of a squidling you are. This individual happens to be one of my favorite people on the internet. Brilliant, punny, vast in talent from the pen to the keyboard, there’s endless things one could say about such a...
    -- Valie

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