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I N F JT H E Y / T H E MO L D..A S..D I R T

T H E...H O N O U R A B L E...H O O K E • Artist. • Friendly neighbourhood squid wait no I mean—. • Individual of mysterious and indistinct gender. • Aspiring pornomancer. • Novelty sock enthusiast. • Dating a precious space bug . • Moonlights as a spaceship. • Tends to leak. •

R O L E P L A Y...B A S I C S • If you come across one of my brainchildren in an adults-only area, kindly do not approach if underage. • I am PM friendly. If you've any questions concerning my characters, don't hesitate to ask. • I keep many pictures of your species on my walls to... inspire me. • Do not conflate IC with OOC. •

I RP through Discord or via note here on RPR. Please do hit me up for the latter if interested; Discord contact information currently provided only to those I know. Currently active characters are listed to the side.
R E L E V A N T...L I N K SFor those who give a good goddamn.

H E Y,...L E T ' S...G E T...S E R I O U S...F O R...A...M I N U T E .
If you would, take a moment to look over this article on identifying abusive RPers. If someone is targeting you or someone you know, you are not alone. Don't be afraid to speak out and get help. We can disrupt the cycle of abuse if we look out for one another and work together as a community.

Rave Reviews

Ah, it makes me sad that you can pick only two 'best qualities'! Most of them would describe Hooke to a capital T. Before we recently started to write together, I was once a longtime lingerer when seeing one of their characters being updated. All of them are fascinating, and quick to captivate one's attention. I would highly recommend taking Hooke as a roleplay partner if the opportunity ever arises. You will not regret it! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Bookworm
In every community and canon there naturally arise certain artists whose craft is not only good, but definitive. Within this particular community of roleplayers, Hooke is one such, whose volatile creations are at once chilling, grimly fascinating and ineffably gratifying. Everything they produce, from art and character concepts down to every sentence, is so original and absorbing that they ought to come with a warning label. - Rosby

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