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What time is it? SUMMER TIME! I’ll reply as often as possible!

Hi there! I’m Jackson Hallow, you can call me Jack, Jackson, Jacky. Whatever strikes your fancy! I’m here to roleplay, as many of you are, but I’m also here to make friends! I’m here to talk when you need to or I’m just here to be here. Whatever my calling is to you as a specific beautiful person. :)

Anyways. SO! What you can expect from me!
-I am the definition of cringe. I’m basically a human meme and I only speak in TikTok compilations and memes and vines and all that Jazz. Being a college student I basically have nothing else to do with my life so Yee, I’m pretty bad.
-I reply quickly! I have a lot of time in my day to send a reply to you and I try my best to type as much as you’d like me too. If I don’t reply within the day, I promise I will get back to you at night! I’m always on at night just hit me up after 9:00 and we’ll be perfecto!
-Iiii am awkward. I suffer from social anxiety, as many people do, but I promise I will try very hard to not make you uncomfortable! I’m not as bad as I think I am, I’m sure, but still. Just to keep my own sanity I thought I should warn you.

Important Roleplay Info:
-I don’t expect lengthy replies. I do want more than one sentence at most though, three would be perfect! But I don’t expect you to write me a five page essay within the hour on the hour, ya know?! And along with that I don’t do well with writing more than one paragraph unless it’s a starter. Then we’re Gucci in that area. I wrote lengthy starters and my replies may be long at first, but it won’t last!
-I don’t rp with the whole animal half person things. I forgot the word, haha. But I don’t roleplay with animals, furries, half-human half-animals, any of that stuff. It just makes me uncomfortable? I just don’t like the idea of something being a human but acting like a cat and just. Blah. It makes me uncomfortable.
-I don’t expect you to reply often! Just reply when you can! I’ll wait days or hours and seconds for a reply and I will check as often as possible to make sure I reply at a good time and we get at least one reply back to each other in that day.

-any other questions about roleplay information just message me!-

How am I doing right now?
What’s going on?
How am I?
Good! Life is pretty rough right now, so replies will be plenty!.

A few facts about me:
-I am an openly bisexual female! I like girls, I like boys, I like trans girls (female to male) but trans boys (male to female) make me sort of uncomfortable! I love people in general anyways, no matter what size, shape, gender, whatever! I love ya!
-I am an artist, or I like to say I’m am artist. I love to draw and I especially love the coloring part that comes with the drawing! Coloring is one of the most satisfying things in the world if you do it right.
-I also love music. I play piano and ukulele and I attempt to sing! I think I’m decent? But I don’t know. I love my instruments though. I’m confident in my skills on piano and ukulele.
-I do makeup! I’m actually going to college for special effects makeup, which is all the blood and guts and gore of The Walking Dead or any other movie or tv show like that. I love making wounds and stuff and just making myself look all tore up.
-PETS! Pets pets pets. I have a guinea pig that’s named Peggy. She’s a friggin angel and I love her. I also have a cat named Dobby, who is a fat turd but I still love her.

Fandoms I am a part of:
-Twenty One Pilots
-Dan Layus
-Agust D
-Billie Eilish
-Melanie Martinez
-Edward Scissorhands
-Nightmare before Christmas
-Young Guns and Young Guns II
TV Shows
-The Office
-The Great British Baking Show
-Face Off
-Skin Wars
-Phantom of the Opera
-Sweeney Todd
-The Greatest Showman
-Dear Evan Hansen
-Yuuri!!! On Ice
-Killing Stalking
-Vampire Knight
-BNHA / My Hero Academia
-Painter of the Night

Don’t really know what else to type, I don’t know what to put on these things. But I hope this works!

Hit me up if you wanna roleplay and I bet I’ll be free!

Have an amazing day!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better... it’s not.”

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Since my return to rping, they have been so wonderful in every aspect. I truly could not ask for a more caring and reliable roleplay partner. The rp that we current have going on went from a simple starter idea, to something with dynamic characters and plotting. I am so excited to continue to rp with them! <3 Thank you for everything. Kind and understanding Fast responses - itsjess
Amazing friend and writer. I enjoy talking to you and rp'ing with you as your characters really feel alive and you drive the plot forward and your writing is wonderful. Thank you for being my friend! :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ChocolateIceCream

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    They are super understanding and overall a good person! I’ve had the opportunity to talk with them over the last weeks and get to know Them enough to say that they are one of the nicest, most caring and understanding people I’ve talked to on this site. Thank you so much for being a great partner and friend! I can’t wait to see what we do in the future! <3 :) Kind and understanding Creative ideas
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  • ChocolateIceCream gave JacksonHallow87 kudos:
    Amazing friend and writer. I enjoy talking to you and rp'ing with you as your characters really feel alive and you drive the plot forward and your writing is wonderful. Thank you for being my friend! :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 1 week 4 days ago)
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