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Gamer. Geek. Artist. Yeah, it's like that.

I'm an avid rper, computer gamer and tabletop player. Got my start with pen and paper games, then moved to tabletops like D&D and Exalted. Got into Furcadia back in late 2004/ early 2005 and I've been playing off an on since.

RPG's, platformers and adventure games are my go to for PC stuff. I'm mildly ashamed of my Steam library, I haven't even played a third of it yet. Woops.

As mentioned before, I am an artist. I went to school for game art and graphic design, I've a bachelors in the former and an associates in the latter. I've got a full time job, so please be patient with my availability to rp.

I'm playing with the idea of opening commissions. If people are interested, cool, take a look at my stuff down below!
mrQsPw8.png ma3odx8.png
I have a few very hard lines of do not cross
when it comes to rp.

I am not my characters. Please do not mix IC and OOC.

I will not tolerate the following:
Rape, Pedophilia, Age play, Bestiality.
Only warning.

End all, I want to have fun. I want to write great stories, I'd like to meet great writers and artists. I am pretty much always open to rp, be it on Furcadia, over RPR PM's, or through discord.

I do not accept random friend requests,
so please do not add me without having spoken to me/ written with me for a while. Thank you!

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I ran across a post you made about managing OOC tone when talking to players. From there I followed the link to the article in your community. I am deeply impressed by what I saw in every post I read, the advice on both OOC interaction and keeping things interesting IC., far too much to read all in one sitting, but I enjoyed every word I did read, and can't wait to read the rest! (for those who wish to check out said community--I really recommend it!) - Subtleknifewielder
Jenn has been my counterweight. We've riled one another up, settled one another down, motivated, reassured, rationalized and reinforced one another for years now. With her unwavering drive for fairness and Goliath knack for detail, I can earnestly say my role-play experience just wouldn't have been the same without her. Beautifully blunt and always honest about her feelings, I've never never needed to guess where we stand. I could not ask for a more loyal friend. Helpful Wonderful writer - Libertine

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