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Just some wolf kickin it and trying to make it in this bitch of a world. Nah but for real, I've been around the block a few times and I've loved the view every time. I've had a couple alts that never lasted, but Kodin is my main.

If you're an old timer from TSC back in the 2001-2006's, or from TGT around 2008-2014, send me a message and let me know. I love connecting with old acquaintances and friends.

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Kodin (played by JustAWolf)
Kodin's a delightful old dog that sticks to her guns and tries her best, and always brings a unique charm to any scene she's involved in. Her and Cody are in a rough place, but it's nothing but a good time to play up to and play around, and I hope to get lots more in with this old war wolf. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Anonymous
I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to interact with this player ever since they have returned. They are a light in the dark and have been understanding and compassionate, always encouraging interaction which is a rare thing to find for those just starting in the community. They have wonderful dark humor and a delight to engage whether IC or OOC. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone that needs inspiration. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Pretty_Bird

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