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My names Kyra, but feel free to call me Key!....Or Jess. You get the idea. I answer to any variant of those. I RP with whatever. I have many more characters than you can see here so who knows who'll you meet! I'm a little shy, so I might be quiet sometimes but don't worry about that too much.

I'm an artist of sorts. I draw my OC refs and draw whatever else I can think of. I take requests, but I can only mostly draw dragons and cartoon ponies.

That's about all I can say. Feel free to message me about stuff.

Art Tumblr

Meet the artist!~

Any art on my characters is made by me unless otherwise stated, but the original artists have given me permission for those not drawn by me.

Rave Reviews

Silvers is flippin' adorable! At least, even Sterling can't shoot this cuteness. Well, maybe there's a darkside to this creature? We'll find out, I'm sure. And by we, I mean Sterling. XD - PenGryphon2007
Kyra is amazingly fun to rp with, Her characters are so unique and it amazes me how she comes up with the way she plays them. - Nuclear_Dingoz

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