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Plot glutton, worldbuilder, fantasy enthusiast.
My characters are not me, I am not my characters.
They're just holding me hostage.
Tedious Elaboration
Just because our OCs are friends does not mean we are.
Just because our OCs are enemies does not mean we are.
I strive to be impartial and leave RP as RP.
I'm highly dedicated to keeping my characters true to design: they will always act according to their personalities, not mine. I'm withdrawn from the social side of this hobby. I will not overshare my reality with you, or be receptive to yours. I'm happy to talk about stories. While I may not add you outside of RPR, it doesn't mean I don't like you! I'm here to make stories and post memes, and I will never be out of stories or memes.

Rave Reviews

  • For the brief rime I enjoyed Roleplay, it was some of the best I have had in a long time. Very few can make a character come alive as such was done.
    -- SkeleAly
  • What an amazing writer! Just by looking at their character profiles, you can tell Lib has an amazing imagination and astounding skill. Their narration is on point, their characters are balanced and the thoroughness of how they researched the lore before bringing them...
    -- jamerson

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