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  • Site Moderator

Plot glutton, worldbuilder, fantasy enthusiast.
My characters are not me, I am not my characters.
They're just holding me hostage.

Lib here! I'm new to the mod team, but not new to the site. I've been relying on the Repository as a character cache since 2011. No matter what galaxy far far away my pages traveled to, linked in games and forums across the web, this has been Home Base for years. RPR as a community nurtured my favorite hobby: being here has made me a better writer, so I've rallied with its overseers to pay it back with my time. I'm dedicated to keeping the site safe and secure for all of my literary neighbors.
"You do not have power, you have responsibility.
Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase 'with great power comes great responsibility', but I challenge you to discard the notion of a power relation between you and the players. You, as an administrator, have a responsibility to the greater good of the community."
-Ben's Discourses on Successful Administration

While roleplay plays a big role in my life, I recently made the decision to keep the two somewhat separate. I'm reserved, not to deny others attention, but to give some privacy back to myself. I don't care to discuss real-life in-depth, and I may not be too keen on answering questions about it, but I do love to talk about writing. Be it character development, campaign construction, or setting up a setting, I have a voracious imagination that revels in the creativity of this community. Hit me up any time to talk shop!
Discord: Lib#1474

JK Huysmans, Against Nature wrote:
For the delectation of his mind and the delight of his eyes, he had decided to seek out evocative works which would transport him to some unfamiliar world, point the way to new possibilities, and shake up his nervous system by means of erudite fantasies, complicated nightmares, suave and sinister visions.

PM friendly, just no random friend requests!


Libertine's Characters

Libertine either has no characters, or has made all their characters anonymous. Mysterious!

Rave Reviews

  • For the brief rime I enjoyed Roleplay, it was some of the best I have had in a long time. Very few can make a character come alive as such was done.
    -- Mipps
  • What an amazing writer! Just by looking at their character profiles, you can tell Lib has an amazing imagination and astounding skill. Their narration is on point, their characters are balanced and the thoroughness of how they researched the lore before bringing them...
    -- jamerson

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