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Before anyone asks my profile pic is my artwork. I used Kuroi Ryu as my name for the longest time.

I am usually here and gone due to having other things to do. I typically check back on a regular basis though of 15-30 min. If RPs are slow then a minimum of 1 hour. If I truly have nothing to do then I am always checking for replies.

I am typically very friendly but very shy and even highly nervous around people. As a result I sadly rarely ever approach others or say hi. I do enjoy chatting though and can be a loyal friend.
Most of my time is spent drawing and thinking up new characters. Lately been focused on a new story. I use music to help inspire my work. In short no music=no work.

I do have a sadistic side and am quite fond of blood and gore. Bring on the battles!

That said I am willing to give many things a shot. Don't know if you don't try right?

RP preferences.
What I Like
Fantasy, Adventure, and Horror(touches or more severe) are my preferred styles of rp. Romantic themes I will allow as long as it does not become the core focus.

On the note of horror I am obsessed with blood and gore. Can be through battle or not so violent means.

I mostly create my own characters and races, however, I occasionally create OCs for a video game, anime, or movie that I like. Those characters eventually gain their own life and world in due time.

I am a free style writer. Lengths of post typically don't matter to me as long as I can work with it. I also vary in how long or short my post is.

I prefer one on one rps but am willing to give small groups, no more than four total, a chance.

RP Dislikes
I may allow romantic themes but don't hit the overkill wall, please. I will not tolerate "erotica". If such acts are to be done I request that they are simply skipped. If you do not want to skip such scenes please find another who will appreciate that.

I am not exactly one who enjoys purely laid back rps. I think I saw some call it Slice of Life? Correct me if I am wrong. I am fine with the natural ebb and flow of an rp, calm and chaotic moments but purely calm causes me to easily run out of ideas.

Empty character profiles I noticed bug me especially if I must decide on which character you will use.

General RP Info
I used to constantly toss ideas back and forth with my friend and original rp buddy. If an rp is starting to lose your interest feel free to let me know if you want it to end it but if you have ideas to perk it up again please tell me. I love discussing rp plot/event ideas even mid rp. This may put the rp on hold but that's fine.

I do my best to reply everyday and as often as possible. However during holidays and special events I leave my phone alone.

It would be nice to get atleast one reply a day but I do know people have lives beyond the net. If I don't hear from you for a few days then I may ask what's up.

If I end up ghosting someone it's purely accidental. Bad luck seems to follow me so busted electronics, sudden loss of net, ect can be a common occurrence.

I can subconsciously start "mimicking" another's writing style if I rp with them enough. This is not an insult. I honestly don't know why I do it at all.

I do allow romantic themes (Though I am daft in that area) and a portion of me encourages it. This is because I quite enjoy genetics. It is extremely fun for me to try to think of various looks for the offspring. Sometimes I even get carried away....leaving me with too many concepts.

I rp in third person and often past tense. Though that's not always the case for the latter.

Again please communicate with me I love discussing ideas and if I don't know of plans that you WANT to have occur I will weave whatever info your characters give me into the story somehow.

Will add more as I remember or discover more.

I am forever changing my character profiles in hopes of perfecting them. As long as I feel like it that is...
As I read more forum pages and character pages I realize that I have ALOT to learn. I will do my best to revise character profiles and hopefully learn proper rp writing quickly.

If any of my characters catch your interest and you wish to start an rp please let me know. Sorry for cruddy computer crashed.

Will organize page later.

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