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"Chaos is power, enriched by the heart."
Welcome to my dark and twisted page. LunarValravn is my name here but I go by Chaos-Mirror everywhere else. Chaos, Lunar, or Val works too.
The jackal above is a small sample of my art.

Art Info
  • Commissions are currently not open. I might take one or two, however, so feel free to ask
  • Art Trades: Again, ask but no promises.

RP Rules. Read before asking for an RP
  • No God-modding and No OP characters! Exceptions may be made for "fair", have some weakness to them, or interesting OP chars.
  • No constant one-liners, please.
  • Fanfics will be done if a decent plot and story is presented.
  • Share the canon char load, please! ^^
  • MxF or MxM pairings for romantic themes.

Fave Genres
  • Fantasy / Dark Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Tragedy

Ok Genres
  • Romance
  • Modern
  • Futuristic
  • Post Apocalyptic / Apocalyptic
  • Smut / Erotica ( prefer fade-to-black )

Writing Expectations

  • Writing Length Preferred: Paragraphs to Novella. No less than one paragraph please.
  • My Writing Length: 1-7 paragraphs on average but can write more.
  • Grammar doesn't have to be perfect but please ensure it makes sense.
  • Would be nice to not be ghosted but won't chew you out for it.
  • OOC Communication encouraged and preferred.

Strange Things

  • Genetics: Love mixing characters to create new. Will not do this with your chars unless relationships are established and permission is granted.
  • Generations: Kinda ties with the above. Will build worlds on bloodlines.
  • RP topics: Can be controversial. Does NOT mean I support what is being portrayed.

A bit about me
Very skittish around people. OOC I rarely start.
I don't talk much normally but can become very talkative. More prone to talk if the person I am talking to has much to say though I do get into "nervous ramblings and rants". If I insult please let me know. I can come across cold or unfriendly but I love making new friends!

Expressing myself is very challenging in my own words so I use music and more to help out.

I deal with Sighted Non-24, which prevents me from sleeping at the same hours.

Autistic, please be patient.

My personality type: INTJ-T Architect
Eastern Sign: Metal Horse
Western Sign: Scorpio

I have a sadistic side and am quite fond of blood and gore. Bring on the battles!
I love making my characters suffer and bleed or dominate in cruel ways. (Domination against NPCs)

Rave Reviews

I haven't roleplayed with them and only talked to them OOC a bit but from what I gathered, they're a very nice and fun person! Kind and understanding Fast responses - Primrose-Chan
I’ve been building a story with Lunar for quite awhile, and it’s always a joy reading the posts and absolutely rambling out ideas together- Lunar is super understanding whenever I get to busy, and I to them, and it honestly is so fun to just ramble and talk with him! Also absolutely love their lore building- and their flexibility and such whenever it comes to adding in my own ocs into the world for rps- so cool learning all the lore ^v^. Creative ideas Long-term partner - Your_Typical_Potato

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