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Don't ever touch me. Capricorn. Pansexual & Demisexual. Asocial.



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Call me, Lumi.

I have disabilities like Asperger's syndrome, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and migraines.

1. I'll gladly do para, semi, and one-liner at least. But if you reply with multiple paragraphs, then expect a long wait because it takes me a while to get my creative juices flowing. Sorry.

2. No pestering me for replies; I will get to them when I want to. I have things to do in real life.

3. I am not an editor; if you need one, ask someone else for an edit. I usually ask my friends for edits because I never learned how to edit.

4. I'm selective on roleplay family, so if you'd like to join, then message me, and I'll need to get to know you first before anything else.

5. I don't like cyber bullies, so don't be one anyone picks on my friends or me, or I'll block you indefinitely.

6. No enforcing erotica roleplay if it's mutual; it's fine, although not often my characters are not natural to bed. They are very selective about who they let sleep with them. I prefer getting to know each other, plotting, building up information, and then maybe erotica is possible depending on their chemistry.

7. If you end up being mute, I'll only pretend you don't exist. If you delete me, then please don't bother to re-adding me anytime soon. I will end up telling you to leave me alone, and if you continue to annoy me, I will block you indefinitely.

8. Don't net-speak or short-hand me with those dreaded one-worded responses. That is a huge no-no, and it's one way to piss me off unless you have a valid reason for doing so. Otherwise, I was hoping you could give me something long and lengthy to reply to.

9. Spare me the drama unless it's in character. Otherwise, you better stay the hell away from me with real-life drama. But if you wish to vent calmly, that is okay with me.

10. I have Discord, but I only give it to those I trust. If you ask for my number, you'll most likely get my personal cell phone number.

11. Relationships must stay in character unless we say otherwise. I don't want to end up being anyone's target because we like each other in both roleplay and real life. I hope you all understand.

12. This is a fundamental rule, I'm not the best roleplay fighter, and I get scared easily because I am somewhat of a peaceful person in real life. Meaning I hate getting violent unless provoked. I hope that makes sense.


My favorite book series to read

Vampire Dormitory

Rave Reviews

There's no way I could fit how awesome this puu is in 500 characters! Jeez, where do I even begin!? Well, Solara is a real nice fallen angel who deserves a whole lotta love. I might not have seen much of Ravenna, but she looks like fun!
I'd tick every box if I could... Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Xpoint_MetaPulse
There's no way you can describe MissLumina in under 500 words. She's a great friend, and I love to talk/RP with her. Definitely give her a chance, you won't be disappointed! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - AgitoAceXIII

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