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Welcome to the House of Horrors
Inked Sweetheart | Funny | Mommy of 1 | Zombie Unicorn of the Underworld | Lover of all Greek myths.
Discord: Dark Carnival#5781
Furcadia: Novuh
BFF(S): ”  ”  ” 


Story: Hades and Persephone

- RP is always a go!!!!

- I enjoy the darker themes of RP - BDSM, Drugs, Gore, Violence; A true lover of the morbid and macabre.

I'm ready for fun

- As long as Drama isn't shoved my way, I'm pretty chill and I find humor is the best type of medicine to make the world go round.

-No need to be shy, I can guarantee I'll start yammering about absolutely nothing, more than likely. I am a pretty nice person.


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I have known this woman for some time, and not just on a roleplaying level. She's a rare kernel of fun and a purist in her roleplay of never breaking her characters personalities. Always personable and oddly easy to find a relatable nugget be it from characters to ooc, this lady gets a 5 out of 5 star for pure win. - TheCoffeeWolf
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUDOS!! Let me start by saying if this lovely lady wasn't born then the world would probably be really depressing. Because she's just like that ray of sunshine you look forward to seeing as each day comes. She's been a great friend to me for years and is full of such kindness that friendliness just seems to ooze from her. <3 - Isnelx

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