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Welcome to the House of Horrors
Inked Sweetheart | Funny | Mommy of 1 | Taken | Zombie Unicorn of the Underworld | Lover of all Greek myths.
Discord: Dark Carnival#5781
Furcadia: Novuh
BFF(S): ”  ”  ” 


Story: Hades and Persephone

- RP is always a go!!!!

- I enjoy the darker themes of RP - BDSM, Drugs, Gore, Violence; A true lover of the morbid and macabre.

I'm ready for fun

- As long as Drama isn't shoved my way, I'm pretty chill and I find humor is the best type of medicine to make the world go round.

-No need to be shy, I can guarantee I'll start yammering about absolutely nothing, more than likely. I am a pretty nice person.


Rave Reviews

Oh this wacky cat is full of innuendos and randomness to the point it's just fantabulous! For entertainment value alone I demand you talk to her, DOITNOW! Seriously though, this girl is brilliant, keeps me laughing, and makes roleplay fun, fun, fun. You're an absolute gem <3 - BobbinK
I have known this woman for some time, and not just on a roleplaying level. She's a rare kernel of fun and a purist in her roleplay of never breaking her characters personalities. Always personable and oddly easy to find a relatable nugget be it from characters to ooc, this lady gets a 5 out of 5 star for pure win. - TheCoffeeWolf

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