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I'm a classic Sagittarius, goofy, spooky and creatively inclined. I'm something of a jack of all trades and I squirrel quite often in conversation and life. :P

Digital Artist
Be sure to check out my Art RPR profile! :) Commissions are OPEN!

Dream Weaver
If you play Furcadia you'll know about all the cute pixel places that people play in. I design and code personal dreams for private and public use. Message me if you're interested in a commission! :)

Tarot Reader
I read tarot cards mostly for myself, but if you'd like a reading we can talk. :)


Creator of the Fairborn species
(closed species)

Rave Reviews

I'm really glad that I stopped being such a lurker because I was finally able to be introduced to this awesome RPer whose art I kept seeing everywhere. Tons of fun to play with, and I'm so, so happy I was finally able to meet her. Here's to many twists and turns in future plots! - Auberon
Isnelx is wonderful. All of her characters breathe with artistic integrity, detail and a sterling logic that makes my head spin with the foster of story and plot ideas. She's a powerhouse of creativity and a fountain of concepts. Personally speaking, she's one of the kindest people I know, always there for a listen and a good pep talk, or just to joke around! I like to think of Isnelx staff wise as my big sister, my mentor. (See kudos 2) - Mina

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