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I'm a classic Sagittarius, goofy, spooky and creatively inclined. I'm something of a jack of all trades and I squirrel quite often in conversation and life. :P

Digital Artist
Be sure to check out my website! :)
Commissions are OPEN!

Dream Weaver
If you play Furcadia you'll know about all the cute pixel places that people play in. I design and code personal dreams for private and public use. Message me if you're interested in a commission.

Tarot Reader
I read tarot cards mostly for myself, but if you'd like a reading we can talk. :)


Creator of the Fairborn species
(closed species)

Rave Reviews

Known her for years, and still adore her. Great friend, and awesome to chat with even if we are in different timezones. - Jane
Part 1

Part 1

I am pretty sure I could write 10k words or more on how amazing this girl is but I won't put anyone through that--not the time or place. I've known her only for a few months now but I sit here and ask myself how I am so fortunate to know such a sweet person. Jess is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about a great assortment of things. With her gentle nature she's everything you'd find under the definition of a true friend. - Silverspeare

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