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A mix of madness and macabre makes for monstrous mischief...

Creator of the Fairborn species
(closed species)


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Jess... where do I begin with this awesome girl. Shes super sweet, like WOW holy crap and very welcoming. I enjoy talking to her whenever I do, be it on furc, on Destiny or skype. It's never a dull moment when I am either. She always has me laughing and smiling. I may have not rped a ton with her but from what I have, shes a great roleplayer and has some well put-together, great characters, not to mention shes an amazing artist. If you haven't rped with her or gotten art from her, DO IT. - Anabell
She produces great characters. No matter what they are each one is so different almost like it isn't the same person playing them. Great art as well. I suggest you grab RP and art when you can from Isnelx. - CherryPepsi

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