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Formerly Liquidchaos

| The Dane | Liquidchaos (OOC)|Crea (Retired)

Just another old timer, more commonly known as Crea W of The Golden Tether in Furcadia, or in a dream I co-own with some wonderful folks called Blackwood as Jehan Heartbane. These worlds are found within the game called Furcdia, and where I spend majority of my free time workin and building. I also spend time world building with my little sis, Xehlia in her adventures with The Golden Grotto, on discord.

Some things about me, I am a 35 something genderfluid creature that is pansexual and poly I honestly don't care what you call me as long as it's not late for dinner. That is a cardinal sin! I am very much happily taken by my two partners and am not looking to extend beyond what I have at the moment, that doesn't mean I don't have other types of fulfilling relationships but those are between me and them. Not looking to add, and while I am very open about aspects of my life I am not the same twisted soul folks use to know. It's what it is, but as a friend reminded me even a giver has to learn when to hold back enough for themselves and that's something I"m working on as well as the journey to improve on me. It's been a trip, and Im finally happy and building myself into a healthier creation. There's only up and I will still easily cut ties and walk away from someone that tires to harm any of those connections I still hold close and dear.

I do play in World of Warcraft still upon my level 60 shaman, Cerdiwyn in the guild called Death from Above which irony isn't based off the Domenic Deegan comic series (but I still love referencing). Yes I'm a nerd of many things and Ive a wide away of knowledge that pretty useless in most things but it's mine and I like it.

Rave Reviews

She never fails to make me laugh, seemingly always cheerful and ready to bring everyone else to the same level! Absolutely lovely, don't know what I'd do without her! - Eve
:3 A wonderful, sweet-hearted roleplayer - Yuka

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