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[*]Gender fluid creature that often fluxes between pronouns, call me what your comfortable with.
[*]Poly with a belief of unconditional
[*] Untraditional Pagan, and believer in the old gods.

Just another old timer, I co-own with some wonderful folks called Blackwood as Jehan Heartbane and often playin The Golden Tether These worlds are found within the game called Furcdia, and where I spend majority of my free time workin and building. image.png

There is a wealth of resources that I pull from when writing for my various worlds and story lines as well as some personal experiences. I love it really, it's my one true love in life is getting to create a brain baby to life and see where it goes. I am however horrible about reaching out to folks to start stuff, if you're interested in rolelaying or even just chatting please feel free to reach out to me. I don't generally bite, and if I'm around chances are I want to interact just as much as you do.
The blood of the coven, is thicker than the water of the womb.

The past five years have been a bit brutal for this creature, not that life wasn't before but life definitely decided to throw more curve balls than it should've. My Tribe has become something invaluable, and while for the first time in almost 20 some odd years I am healing not all scars have heal. But I am thankful for the folks who've listen that have been there through all the chaos. I am eternally grateful to every one of you.
Blessed be, and may all things deserve come to yougl-94215-1523397854.png

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There are few folks I would define as family in the world of cyberspace, but whatever name they find me on, whatever platform, whatever chaos is ensuing, we always find our way back to each other. A true friend, one who's only ever tried to hold me in the highest of lights, and I'm eternally grateful for the kindness, sincerity, and genuine love between us. <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Stormie
One of the best peeps I've met on Furc. Understands how stories play out and actually work which certainly helps keep the flow of RP. Plus they're bonkers, which is always a bonus :) Great char's with more depth than a 6-tier cake! ... Mmm...cake... - Mannaro

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