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Last updated: 26/03/2023

Feel free to call me Phi [ f - eye / fai ], I use they/she/them/her pronouns. Not my first rodeo on RPR but I needed a fresh start for my mental health, so here I am again, back to do better.

I write replies in paragraphs consistently, though I've managed novella lengths before. I do third-person POVs and am more than willing to play multiple OCs or NPCs at once. I'm most comfortable and well-versed in fantasy, modern, and modern fantasy settings, with some experience in dystopian and certain fandoms ( I'll list them below, don't be shy to ask if I can do a fandom not listed ), and while I have no hands in sci-fi I'm more than open to try.

Fandoms I've Done/Open To:
- Creepypasta
- MHA ( My Hero Academia )
- Warrior Cats
- Genshin Impact
- Danganronpa

Profile picture digitally created by Stu Ballinger.

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