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Postey is perf. Within seconds of meeting me they greeted me with enthusiasm even though we weren't meeting on the best terms. I really feel like she is the kind of person who would chase your oranges down the road if you dropped your shopping bag. 15/10, would interact again. - Cacophony
Muunokhoi (played by Postey)
Muunokhoi is by the far the oldest, and nicest, and most generous loving patient roleplayer I have ever known. The old man exhibits some of these qualities, but Acaeus definitely looks up to him despite their bad recent situations between each other. He's the best manager TGT could ever hope to have, and he's a breathtaking, earthshattering roleplayer. I love this WOMAN! AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO SHOUT IT!! <333 - Michonne

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    This sweet yam is literally one of the kindest, funniest people I've ever met and they're ALWAYS in good cheer! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
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