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Kudos for liquidchaos

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • This is a person who changed my life, literally. She came into my life when I was at my darkest and she lifted me up through the fog and the cloud to place me above what ailed me, and for that I will never stop thanking her for. She is kind, generous, compassionate, thoughtful and considerate, and it is well worth the time to get to know her, as she will pay it back to you 100x over.

    I love you, my dear! Here's to many, many more years. Kind and understanding Helpful - BrandyCat

  • I believe liquidchaos is one of those people that is underestimated for how much they put into the community. Both in and out of character they put great effort into making sure people feel included. They also have plenty of awesome ideas and I love just talking characters and plot with them whenever I get the chance. Helpful Drives the plot forward - Vixy

  • I have known LC for years and have come to appreciate her more and more as time has gone. She is a vast well of creativity and drive, developing a community that is incredibly inviting despite being centered around her own character. She is a steadfast friend who will be there for you when you need someone the most. She is a great talent and one I highly recommend everyone get the chance to interact with, you won't regret it. - Caitlin

  • LC is one of the sweetest people I know. She's a steadfast, reliable friend and you never have to question where you stand with her. She is a huge supporter of those she holds dear and is an enormous source of encouragement. I am certainly lucky to have her in my life. I haven't had the pleasure of roleplaying with her yet... but watch out LC, I'm comin' for ya. - Elle

  • This lovely beast is one I've known for years but I didn't know it. It didn't come out until earlier this year that we have known each other for such a long, long time that it's hard to imagine a time in my life where she hasn't been a part of it in one way or another. Here is to hoping that I never have to experience a day like that! An incredible person and one of my favorite RP partners, I would move the heaven and the stars for you. <3 - BrandyCat

  • Where do I begin? This lovely human being has stuck by me through thick and thin. Understanding, kind, loving, friendly, welcoming, considerate, and sweet are merely a few words that describe the person behind so many lovely characters, always full of ideas and creative ways to conjure up more roleplay. My best and oldest friend <3 Rp and chat with her, you'll never be bored with this one! - TwistedDisaster

  • Oh LC, I've known you so freaking long! We don't rp as often as we used to but I always know that I can poke her anytime and we can talk as if we hadn't missed a beat! Rock on, you fabulous Woadeye, you! - Jynx

  • Where would I be without you? We've been through a lot together -- we've known each other for as long as I can possibly remember, long before Crea and long before your handsome Dane. As creative as you are and talented with your words... no one could ever discredit your talent. On a more personal level, I consider you like a sister. We've loved, we've cried - you've seen me at my worst and my best and always had open arms to me. I adore you. You're a lifelong friend. <3 - Cass

  • Someone I've known for awhile, ever since she played Crea W in TGT. She's got an intriguing mind for characters and is really easy to talk to OOCly too. Recently, one of her muse's has sort of 'adopted' my shy Zykla and I look forward to exploring their relationship more. I'm grateful she's so understanding about my busy life and work schedule. Here's to the new year, amiga, and more rps ahead! - Unicorn

  • A constant ray of sunshine, there are no amount of words to describe this beautiful human being and do her justice. From the in depth creation of her characters to the unlimited kindness and joy she somehow manages to share with the world, no matter how hard things may be in her own life. LC is someone you would be honored to have as a friend, I know my world would certainly be far less brighter without her in it ♡ - BobbinK

  • I've known Liquid for close to a decade now and never ever have I met someone as accepting, supportive, and nonjudgmental. They know me well, seen me at my worst, and empathize with my quirks better than I sometimes do, with myself included. A vast amount of creativity to spare and a set of constantly open arms to give anyone a chance to take the spotlight. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a wonderful time and a great friend. - Ventlurker

  • LC has to be one of the few women I've known for ages, it was like we were destined to be friends. A golden woman with understanding and means to deal with my deranged and morbid humor, she was made to fit the mold perfectly. A glorious personality and patience that rival a saint. A beautiful mind towards creation and story with her characters brings light to those around her. If you haven't rp'd with her, I'd recommend putting it on your to-do list - Dark_Carnival

  • LC is an amazing woman who is one of the friendliest people I know. While we don't get to rp as often as we used to, just chatting with her is always amusing! Woadeye, bby. - Jynx

  • LC and I have been friends for a long long time thanks to a mutual friend, despite never getting a chance to rp together I always admire them for all their character and spirit. I look forward to many more years and the opportunity to watch their brain children grow into the magnificent creatures they are meant to be. - TakodaVega

  • I have known this bae for a looooong time. A good person with a creative mind set that makes you take a step back and wonder if your character is good enough for their plot. With the capability to draw anyone in for story line and the capacity to lend an ear. This player truly is a joy to know let alone rp with. - Nekomanics

  • We are who we are. I will never not love you. You're my heart. You're my soul. You are the universal pull in me and what I will always keep to remind me that unconditional love is real. Better than that.. you and your influence in my life has always pushed me to be better. Sometimes I failed you.. and I can never take that back. Instead, I can only offer that my demons and yours, we are the same. You will never not inspire me, I will always cheer you on in everything you do - Mouslykat

  • Just a bundle of hilarity who has me in tears of laughter whenever we manage to get a catch up. Their characters are just out of this world, their writing style beyond compare, in can't have LC, they are mine to hoard so shoo! In all seriousness though, if you haven't interacted with them before i'd strongly advise you do so as soon as possible. <3 - BobbinK

  • Even after my years of inactivity, liquidchaos remembered me, and that is no small gift to me. My suffering through mental illness often leaves me feeling drained and alone, but LC, always with praise and exuberant amounts of love, never fails to leave me feeling important, special, and like I have somewhere to belong.

    I thank you so much for all of your kind words, and that I can be an inspiration for you. It means the world. - Unsinkable

  • No matter the distance, no matter how long a time, whenever we reunite our chats are always full of caring words and friendship. LC never fails to make my days brighter with her presence and her characters. Not only does she make some of the best dominant male characters but she knows just how to write them. - IzzieBiz

  • My big sister, Beth, has been there for me for many years. Even when I thought distance had made us grow apart, she's always been there for me. She's amazing, motivational, inspirational, and witty, and I've always loved drawing her brain babies. I hope one day I get to meet my big sis' face-to-face and give her the hug she deserves for always being there for me <3 - Dawg