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Hi, I'm ThimbleWitch but you can call me Thim.

I've been writing off and on for several years, making my own little fantasy worlds and characters. In most cases, when I say little, I mean cities or towns, nothing spectacular. Most of my characters are fae but I do have some old ones from games such as Baldur's Gate/Swords of the Coast/ Pathfinder, which are on display.

I may write novella when engaged in 1+1 stories but will type out three to five paragraphs if I'm part of a group. I don't write with minors or -18. I favour people my own age or older, fantasy genre, and low to mid magic. I'll even strip magic from my fae if it will involve them in a super story. I enjoy writing dark fantasies with complex characters that never seem to aspire to any happiness and will often suffer unrequited love. I will never create fae characters with perfect human features. They will have some form of abnormality, mainly their eyes, hands and ears, they're not symmetrical and I believe this adds to their uniqueness.

I'm in the process of uploading and developing some of my characters, this will take a while as their background stories are scattered all over the house. However, I will not write lengthy bios because I don't need to. I don't mold my characters to fit your expectations.

I cosplay sometimes and I love creating artwork with characters in mind. I work, I have family and I have responsibilities. This is a hobby, don't ask to make it anything more.

My artwork is private and is a personal achievement. If my friends are interested in a portrait, again, that is a private matter.


Rave Reviews

ThimbleWitch is not only an very talented write able to paint vivid images and draw deep emotions from her writing with eloquence, but I have recently found out that she is an extremely talented artist as well. It is a privilege to be able to role play with her and view all her wonderful character art. Thank-you for sharing your many talents. :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Falyn
A wonderfully talented and detailed writer that draws their role-playing partners into a every scene she writes. Their characters are beautifully written with realistic emotional depth. She is an amazingly gifted visual artist as well. Thank-you for the inspiration you provide to all who know and role-play with you. <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Falyn

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