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About me:
I'll start with the username... Surprise! I'm actually not really into vampire stories. I just happen to be allergic to sunshine. And raw garlic. And some metals. And I'm not a huge fan of fire... The "dwarf" part comes more from my not-always-gentle/speak-my-mind personality (and the fact that I'm a little shorter than most of my friends). There, now you know.

I haven't been role-playing all my life but I've always had an active imagination. I was constantly telling myself stories as a kid. Ask me about snowflakes sometime. ;)

I enjoy fantasy settings, but I'm game to try others if I have the time. I usually put a lot of work into my characters and tend to get attached to them (maybe a little too much...).

My writing is usually at least a paragraph - very often longer than that, but I'm pretty flexible too. I really dislike when other players don't pay attention to what's going on around them or ignore someone's actions; I suppose it could eventually lead to my leaving a game. I usually play more freeform games than ones with lots of dice rolling just because they're simpler in a forum format.

I'm a pretty busy person and may not be able to post every day (although I usually can). Don't worry though! I promise not to ghost you, and I'll do my best to let you know when I may not be able to post consistently.

Yes, please!
Good vs Evil

I'm listening...

Nope. No way. Not ever.
Extremely foul language

If I haven't scared you off yet, feel free to contact me if you see a character you'd like to get to know or have a game you'd like me to join. :)

Rave Reviews

VampireDwarf has a wonderful cast of characters and is an absolute joy to RP alongside, both as a GM and a player! Engaging and entertaining! 👍 👍 - Juls
I like giving Kudos where Kudos are due, and VampireDwarf deserves at least a few! Engaging characters, the ability to jump into various stories and fully immerse their characters, as well as having a nice writing style all work together to make this player fun to rp with. :D While I haven't exerienced as much rp with them as I'd like yet, I look forward to more. Cheers! - BreezyDawn

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