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I am a roleplayer in my 30's. I used to RP through IM, chatrooms, forums, and even email, but nowadays I'm almost exclusively Furcadia with only the occasional foray into other means of RP when requested.

Projects I'm involved in:

Ze'zhunath Lore
Ze'zhunath are a species created by Kaiser

The Scarlet Covenant
An Adults-Only group for RP with hardcore themes

Falworth Estate
A more safe-for-work setting within the same world as
The Scarlet Covenant

My main character currently is Azebet, a Ze'zhunath and a Goddess in
The Scarlet Covenant. I'm most likely to be found in Furcadia as her.


Special Mention:
Kaiser - My RL partner and Master
Tera - The first to call me Mistress
Vega - A star in my world
Greyfrost - Because fox stuff

Rave Reviews

I truly wish I'd reached out to Vixy sooner, because I've been missing out on this wonderful gal's warmth and kindness. She's a true gem- kind, thoughtful, and carrying a conversation is truly effortless (with the addition of a gorgeous voice with an amazing accent to boot). She's a ray of sunshine. I look forward to furthering our friendship and delving into roleplay with her carefully crafted characters. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Carebear
Azebet (played by Vixy)
Azebet is a character that I could write a thousand scenes with and not get tired of. I hope I get to test that! The attention to detail and forethought put into Vixy's character makes her unpredictable in a marvelous fashion. There are layers to explore, she's equal amounts adorable and frightening if you get to know her well. Vixy outdoes herself with each scene, and she deserves -far- more praise than I can give in the space alotted. Plan a scene with her! You won't regret it. - Kaiser

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