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I'm XinonHyena although I also often go by the handle Chiropica and I'm from Belgium. I spend most of my time playing tabletop rpgs right here on RPR.

I enjoy writing, drawing, reading and gaming and I'm a big fan of most good rpgs. I'm also very fond of nature and animals, I volunteer at a nature organisation in my area and at a bat reserve.

When it comes to music my preferences are few, I enjoy symphonic metal such as Nightwish, ambient music and most of all Chiptune.

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Rave Reviews

Ah, good ol' XinonHyena. Where do I even begin with telling what's so great about him? He is one of the most amazing roleplayers I've met so far. His characters are varied and awesome to interact with. He's also very capable of keeping an RP running as well as keeping it interesting. Not only that, it's thanks to Xinon I'm the roleplayer I am today. From the very beginning he has taught me everything! You're a great friend, Xinon. Thanks for your support and stay awesome! - Pirate
Korvus (played by XinonHyena)
Korvus is worthy of his title as 'Luck wizard'. I sure feel lucky to have finally interacted with this well made character!

Expectations are high with Xinon's creations, and yet every time he manages to raise the bar. Korvus is a hilariously upbeat character that's as unpredictable as he is interesting. Birdmen will always stand out, and Xinon uses this trait to his utmost advantage in his writings. Korvus is truly a character worthy of recognition! - Pirate

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