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I'm XinonHyena although I also often go by the handle Chiropica and I'm from Belgium. I spend most of my time playing tabletop rpgs right here on RPR.

I enjoy writing, drawing, reading and gaming and I'm a big fan of most good rpgs. I'm also very fond of nature and animals, I volunteer at a nature organisation in my area and at a bat reserve.

When it comes to music my preferences are few, I enjoy symphonic metal such as Nightwish, ambient music and most of all Chiptune.

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Flavio (played by XinonHyena)
Flavio--for a gun-toting hyena, this musketeer has fantastic aim and an even faster reload. Plus, his ability to construct impromptu walls is a great boon to his companions as they embark on a harrowing journey! His intriguing sense of humor means there's never a dull moment in the RP. Plus, Flavio has given Arien much to learn about in his travels. :) Truly a fantastic character anyone would welcome on a quest. - PenGryphon2007
Mauricio (played by XinonHyena)
Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be dealing with an inquisitor? You probably don't, but Mauricio certainly has you covered! This here ermine walks the fine line between being a glowing beacon of hope and being a downright scary person to have against you!

Of course, this being Xinon's character, you can expect only the very best. Mauricio is a unique and interesting character who deserves more recognition! - Pirate

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