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Kudos for XinonHyena

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Even though I've known Xinon for years, I feel like we've really gotten to know each other well in the past year or so. I love our chats about books. He plays a lot of full-on characters with rich personalities and lots of quirks. 🦇🦇 Kind and understanding Long-term partner - Claine

  • Ipurangi (played by XinonHyena)
    Ipurangi is a blast to interact with. The sheer excitement he brings to a game makes it a memorable experience. The way he goes with the flow, his adorable way of trying to be the coolest bro around and of course how hilariously Xinon writes his lines, this surfer dude is no grommet!

    Instead, he's the hero we all deserve. - Pirate

  • If you are the kind of person who is allergic to puns, I recommend you keep your distance from Xinon. If you can look beyond the puns, and ever get the chance to RP with him I have no doubt his strong writing, solid characterisation and amazingly diverse cast of characters will startle and amaze. - Claine

  • Korvus (played by XinonHyena)
    Korvus is worthy of his title as 'Luck wizard'. I sure feel lucky to have finally interacted with this well made character!

    Expectations are high with Xinon's creations, and yet every time he manages to raise the bar. Korvus is a hilariously upbeat character that's as unpredictable as he is interesting. Birdmen will always stand out, and Xinon uses this trait to his utmost advantage in his writings. Korvus is truly a character worthy of recognition! - Pirate

  • MY BAT SON. You're so precious and writing with you is wonderful !! Mauricio is like a character I have to experience through my other RP sections, but he's done WELL. And I appreciate how much care you put into for your characters' sakes, because their personality really does shine through !! - synnie

  • Serdan (played by XinonHyena)
    How do you identify a great storyteller? Easy. He's the guy who makes the NPCs so interesting, they can easily match or even surpass any player character. Xinon knows how to make us want to 'keep' every NPC. It's magic.

    Serdan is the number one example. From his introduction as an almost nameless guard in a backwater town, to his current occupation as the heart and soul of the party, Serdan has always been the loud, brash, and affable guy who keeps our party grounded. For the most part. - SeraphicStar

  • This guy... this guy right here... he's batty. He's super batty, and you can have one gas of a time with Xinon. Master of puns and terrible jokes, Xinon is also one of those fellows that I enjoy having a good time with, especially with how relaxed everything is between us. If you love puns, you'll love Xinon and the things that he comes up with in conversation. Sometimes, you won't even see it coming! Xinon's characters are also very nicely detailed and executed in RP. - FreeJayFly

  • Flavio (played by XinonHyena)
    Flavio - a wonderfully amoral soul, stuck between what he is and what he wants to be. This duality shows in every post, and this savage beast-man playing the dashing rogue never fails to interest and entertain. Swashbuckling one moment and eating eyeballs the next, he is always unpredictable and fascinating. Kudos! - SeraphicStar

  • Flavio (played by XinonHyena)
    Flavio is just FUN. It's great seeing how the character's disposition colors his perception of the world! - Zelphyr

  • Mauricio (played by XinonHyena)
    Have you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be dealing with an inquisitor? You probably don't, but Mauricio certainly has you covered! This here ermine walks the fine line between being a glowing beacon of hope and being a downright scary person to have against you!

    Of course, this being Xinon's character, you can expect only the very best. Mauricio is a unique and interesting character who deserves more recognition! - Pirate

  • Mauricio (played by XinonHyena)
    Mauricio is one of the most brilliant characters I've ever come across. He's the best kind of 'Lawful-Good'. Too often you see similar characters fall into a trap of being foolish or lacking in personality. But Mauricio is strong-willed, extremely clever and dedicated to his cause. He is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to hunt down witches and bring them to justice. I love him... even if the dice seem to hate him. - Claine

  • Serdan (played by XinonHyena)
    There aren't many people who's bravery and passion surpass that of the Exalted, but Serdan definitely is among those few! A character so well played and balanced, you can't help but respect his every action and root for him! He's just that likeable! - Pirate

  • One of the most creative minds I've had the honor of knowing. Weaver of stories extraordinaire, creator of a large number of unique and interesting characters and an incredible friend. I have nothing but praise for this guy! - SeraphicStar

  • I got no idea how long I know XinonHyena already but I know that he is always a delight to Rp with! Well crafted characters, great style of writing and he always got some nifty ideas! And he is a pretty good Gamemaster as well! - XionEX

  • Thousand Magnificent Feathers is a character I wished was an actual person. He's expertly crafted and played, which I have come to expect from XinonHyena. Thousand does not disappoint! He brings a new and refreshing view to the Lunar exalts and is simply a wonderful character to interact with! - Pirate

  • Mauricio (played by XinonHyena)
    All the good things to say about the Grand Inquisitor... he has the no-nonsense, suspecting, critical air I'd expect out of such a position.

    Xinon plays him in such a way that makes every scene with the ermine intense but awesomely fun to play alongside! - Copper_Dragon

  • Mauricio (played by XinonHyena)
    Mauricio is an extremely unlikeable character and that's what makes you love him. You have to work extremely hard to feel an ounce of warmth from him. He's played extremely well, so well in fact that he enriches the environment around him. He's a real atmosphere setter. - Degu

  • Flavio (played by XinonHyena)
    Flavio is one of those rare characters who're always a joy to interact with, no matter what the situation. He's a witty character for sure, and Xinon stays true to Flavio's personality. Best of all, he's expertly balanced. Flavio is a great addition to any roleplay! - Pirate

  • Mauricio (played by XinonHyena)
    Mauricio is a subtle character, who doesn't need to flaunt his power to be intimidating. In fact, he doesn't even have to try to be intimidating - he just is.

    This Inquisitor is masterfully played, and his zeal, charisma and ruthlessness are spot on. If someone told me a guy like this really existed in the Medieval ages, I wouldn't doubt them one second.

    Well, maybe if they mentioned the "being an ermine" part. - SeraphicStar

  • Flavio (played by XinonHyena)
    Flavio--for a gun-toting hyena, this musketeer has fantastic aim and an even faster reload. Plus, his ability to construct impromptu walls is a great boon to his companions as they embark on a harrowing journey! His intriguing sense of humor means there's never a dull moment in the RP. Plus, Flavio has given Arien much to learn about in his travels. :) Truly a fantastic character anyone would welcome on a quest. - PenGryphon2007