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▪︎ fig, 23, EST
▪︎ bug fairy, dandelion parachutist
▪︎ purveyor of sad ugly little beasts
▪︎ likes words and being supremely comfy
▪︎ 21+, thank you!
▪︎ me whenever i get a PM
▪︎ pinterest, deviantART, ask for discord

ᛊᚲᛁᛚᚨᚱ ♡ ᚹᛁᛚᛚᛟᚨᛗ

Rave Reviews

Even though we haven't even written together (not yet, but I'm going to be on that very soon) I just know experiencing everything that fig is will be a big blast! The artwork and GIFs they make are but windows into the vast and beautiful soul that is their creative prowess, and I'm lucky to have had them wander into my lil' sandbox. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - CrystalDisc
An immensely kind roleplayer, I connected with them right away. I get excited every time I see they've posted!

Their posts are colorful and well thought-out. Their characters are creative and complex. Their roleplay is always engaging.

I've had a blast roleplaying with snorkmaiden! I look forward to many more roleplays to come. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Samiakki

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