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fig, 24, she
halfpoet, heathen mooncalf

active RPs: 4

rp info
☆ 21+ only
☆ PMs or discord preferred
☆ nearly any setting, time period, or genre; try me.
☆ most of my time is occupied. if you need a rigid regular posting schedule, im not the partner for you.
☆ i do not rp with men or minors.
☆ no e-rp. i am not here to craft erotica for you.
☆ heathenpoetry @ discord. inquire there or here.

Rave Reviews

Playing with fig has been an absolute blast, and I'm totally looking foward to the other shehanigans we have planned! A creative soul with a cast of incredible characters, all of them stand out in their unique way and are the proof of all the passion and craft that went into their creation. And as if that's not enough, fig's artistic style is unspeakably adorable! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - cri86titanium
Fig!! Figgy!! What a stellar individual. They're kind and gentle and an absolute joy to interact with. Aside from having a wide roster of intriguing characters with unique aesthetics, they're also fun and easy to plot with. There's more to a good roleplayer in my book than just being able to write well (which they absolutely do), and Fig ticks off many of the boxes. - Banshee

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