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Ames Kosmos is:
- A Giant Space Wasp.
- Bio-luminescent.
- An Intergalactic Terror.
- Will Work For Sugar.

Roleplay Basics:
- Most of my characters can be found on Furcadia.
- If you come across one of my brainchildren in an adults-only area, kindly do not approach if underage.
- I am whisper and PM friendly. If you've any questions concerning my characters, don't hesitate to ask.
- Please, do not conflate IC with OOC.

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Rave Reviews

I don't think I've ever had such an amusing, lighthearted roleplay in FurN before in all 10+ years I've been on Furc. Great roleplayer with a fantastic sense for narrative! - Auberon
I'll never be able to say enough about Ames. He swept me off my feet years ago with his kindness, wit, charm and creativity, and has not ceased to enchant me since. I love him endlessly and am so, so blessed to have him in my life. You're beautiful, my bug. (And as an aside, picking only two best qualities here was excruciating, because he honestly embodies all of them. End statement.) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Hooke

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