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Hello, my name is Jaddedquill, but you all can call me Quill!

Here are a few things that you should know about me.
    I am from the United Sates of America and the only language is speak is English. Sorry if that means we can't RP!

    I am a college student so some of my replies are going to be limited or take longer for me to reply to you. But, I will do my absolute best to respond in a timely manner.

    I really enjoy fantasy, action, and slice of life role-plays. Honestly, I am a very open-minded individual and I really do enjoy going outside of my comfort zones when it comes to the types of genres you may enjoy, so do not be afraid! I am not limited to these specific genres.

    I am a very open-minded person, as I said before. This means I am very excepting of any type of person/creator. I will not discriminate, I ask that you try to keep an open-mind as well.

    I LOVE to read! I have read a lot of books and if there is a certain series that you would love to role-play but can't find someone who has read the same book, GIVE ME THE TITLE! I will read it. We will role play!

    I also love pretty much any music. I don't have a specific genre. Just like for role-plays!

Here are some of my rules
    I don't do NSFW role-plays unless trust has been established between both parties and is agreeable. This also includes my characters, as they are extensions of myself. Sometimes I feel as though they are not comfortable with certain people or even with their characters. I have the right to refuse NSFW at anytime without explanation. I also will not do NSFW role-plays with those who are underage.

    I would ask that you try to put in as much effort into your role-plays as I do. It is respectful to meet any RP partner halfway.

    I also ask that we stick to one-on-one role-plays due to the fact when there are more than one, character dialog gets confusing.

    If you want to do any kind of fandom role-plays, please make sure that you, as well as I, are familiar with the characters and their idiosyncrasies.That way we can stay as true to the character's personality as possible.

    Try to be patient when waiting for my role-play replies, as I am a busy girl! If I do not reply within a day or two, please shoot me a text! Just don't get rude about it. There has to be a mutual understanding that sometimes the other person will be busy.

    Remember, role-plays are supposed to be fun! So if ever it gets boring or drab, please let me know! That way we can see what it is that is boring you or I. Communication is the mission!!

My Role-play strengths
    I am a very considerate person and so are a majority of my characters. If you, or your character, are uncomfortable with anything I can usually pick up on it. If I don't, please feel free to let me know. I am pretty good at asking if you, or your character, are ok with certain situations.

    Though I am not fantastic at starting a role-play, I can get pretty creative and detailed when it comes to the plot lines and scenes that I really enjoy.
My weaknesses
    I tend to wait a long time to reply. It is a problem. It is mostly due to my availability. As I said I am a college student and am very busy. However, don't let this scare you away. If you are persistent in your reminders, I will answer back as soon as I possibly can.

    I also tend to get really attached to certain ships between characters. Some of my characters are in relationships with other people's characters. This is not the case with all of my babies however. Just know that if my characters are in a previous relationship, they will stay loyal if it is part of their personality. When my characters get broken up with, I feel for them.

    I can get a little in depth with my characters sometimes and go over the top. I sometimes even fall unknowingly into tropes that shouldn't be fallen into haha. So just let me know when I get out of hand.

Fandoms I Enjoy
    BNHA, Steven Universe, Camp Camp, Skyrim, The House Of Night, Three Dark Crowns, Undertale, Hamilton, Marvel Universe, Soul Eater, and many others that I can't think of right now haha.

Availability and Contact Info
    I am available from 10 am to 10 pm. I have classes but I can always reply between them as some of my classes only take up two hours of my whole day. I don't have a job yet, but when I get one I will update this as well so that way you will know when I am free. I mainly role-play in DMs or Pms. I like to rp on certain apps such as discord and kik.

    Discord: Wibble_Worm#9470
    Kik: ivandabootymaster

Thank you all for your time and your consideration!

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