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I LOVE THIS PERSON. Their art is always incredibly animated and expressive, every character is unique and larger-than-life (The Kazdram variations will always be my favorite), and they themself are just an incredible person to talk to. Whether playing, or just shooting the breeze about characters and headcanons, I've truly enjoyed conversation we've had. If you snag or spectate a scene with them, you'll no doubt be entertained! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Rigby
I’m so sad I didn’t get to know this person sooner! They are so creative, so talented, and so easy to get along with. A deliriously wonderful artist and genuinely fun person whose artistry and wonder alike reflects brightly in their characters. I’ve not gotten to do much more than talk about our characters just yet, but I look forward to getting to cut my teeth on a real scene with them soon. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Tar

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