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OMG! You look stunningggggg!!! Darling keep up looking so beautiful <3

- I'm an experienced roleplayer witha patient self and calm aura, feel free to dm me and ask for a character!!

Hello! I’m Zephir, a part-time author. I don’t usually publish my books and writing, but I tend to enjoy getting ideas from roleplays and so on. In the future, I might be giving wattpad stories and whatsoever. But that is nothing to see for now!

Please do remember having a working roleplay with me is long-term, you need patience and must of all. You need respect, I don’t like a dry roleplayer that dosen’t do anything ever than just going along. I need ideas aswell since my mind is set on two things. Work and roleplaying, I take my work before anything, to be honest just everything in my own life before roleplaying.


1: I enjoy literacy and a good starter, even tho it’s hard to always give a big mouthful of a paragraph. I tend to say 3-10 paragraphs each, it goes on with my mood and how I feel. I won’t be giving a 10+ paragraph if I’ve had a rough day. Nor the best literacy, but I tend to try my best throughout the day, and I expect you do the same.

2: Atleast an answer every day or every other day! It makes me know you want to continue and won’t ghost me, and if something comes up! Inform me so I know something is bothering you. A worthy roleplayer for me isn’t how good you write, it’s how you are as a person behind the screen and that I get the best experience and at the end of the day find a good virtual friend out of you!

3: I despise one-liners! - I’m sorry. But It’s hard getting in detail and such myself and getting a one-line in example. [Example: “ Insert long paragraph “ — She walked down the hallway, nodding when she spoke. “ Alright. “] and not leading into action afterwards. I need you to detail when and why you do so, give a good reason. [Example: She took the glass because she was thirsty.] OR [She jumped, fear welling her gaze in a misty feeling. Gaze clouded, growing up with abusive parents, you tend to start getting triggered at such loud noises.] that is much better than just saying they did so, and I need you to be one of such person before you ask me to roleplay.

4: A romance twist is a must have, I find it more living and good to have a romance going on. It makes the experience better, and must of all a better self. Smut and sexual themes is required since I am a BIG fan of erotic novels, aka. Dark romance. My favorite book is Hooked by Emily Mcinclair (I think.) I have the whole series and I enjoy their friendships, those books also inspire me to some roleplays.

5: I can’t do a roleplay without a playlist, so if something matches a song. It might be that! I love speaking about songs for the roleplay, it makes it more living knowing it follows a lyrics. Sort of, so please, if you want to make me very happy, create a lyrics with our characters one day. I’d really see further in history to do that with many of you!

6: I only do cisgender female, or sub males.(Bottoms basically.) I find it tiring being a male, and also quite uncomfortable. May sound weird, but that’s me! I dispise feeling like the man, though if it really matters. I’ll try jumping outta my comfort zone, but I can’t promise. It’s new for me, and I only use males in books that I write myself. So be patient with me! Know I don’t say no cause I’m egoistical, I nor do it out of arrogance. I’m just not enjoying males. (Roleplaying as them)

I call my friends/fans/members/roleplayers for Darling/babes, it’s a slack just like Y/n. So don’t go all “I have a Boyfriend/girlfriend” on me if I do so… thougth I start cackling when you do so. It’s hilarious to read!!

Toxic players? No, be Toxic and I’ll ghost you faster Than the light. I despise them more than one-liners. Toxic people are so inwelcome in my roleplays, one of them? Block or leave my profile!

That’s all! Thank you for setting time off to read this, I hope to see you in the future, and don’t be scared to give me a call. Maybe I’ll share an anonymous character aswell!

Rave Reviews

Oh man, where do I start? We have started RPing recently and I can't even describe how awesome she is as a person and how skilled she is as a writer. The characters she brings in are so real and well thought of. Kind, creative, and easy to talk to, I get excited whenever I see a notification from from her. She is a partner you can't go wrong with! <3 <g> Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - KingTai
I have been playing with Zephir for a while now and our roleplays have become one of the highlights of my day! She writes well and her characters are compelling. And she is a delight out of character! If you get a chance, play with this woman! You will be happy that you did! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - DemonicScriver

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