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  • When members started disappearing from the rosters of groups, Ilmarinen was quick to sound the alarm. (11 years ago)
  • Copper_Dragon found a circumstance in which warning icons didn't appear correctly. (11 years ago)
  • Andryn reported an error message that occurred after attempting to delete a group that said the group couldn't be deleted. Even though it just had been. Durrr. (11 years ago)
  • Group pages can now be properly created, named and deleted in all browsers thanks to reports from Tasha. (11 years ago)
  • Pyrroglaux has an AMAZING eye for moonspeak. This time, it was invading group pages. The alien invasion has been thwarted thanks to Pyrroglaux! (11 years ago)
  • Dylan found an error that allowed people to send out group invitations from characters that didn't belong to them. (11 years ago)
  • Sometimes, all it takes is one extra comma to make a piece of code stop working... Thanks to a bug report from f0x1nth3b0x, all our punctuation is back in order. (11 years ago)
  • Holy Toledo! Darth_Angelus's research into an extremely elusive bug allowed us to stop the random spawning of widgets on group pages. (11 years ago)
  • When group forums started jumping the fence and escaping back out into the wilds of the public forums, Dragonfire helped catch them and wrassle them back to their proper homes. (11 years ago)
  • Dylan helped to find an issue in friend widgets that made clicking a friend's picture go nowhere. Friends are now being reunited thanks to Dylan! (11 years ago)
  • Tasha is to be highly commended for taking the time to report a grammatical error. It might seem minor, but when something seems so minor it goes unreported, it usually goes unfixed! Thanks for helping, Tasha. (11 years ago)
  • Pyrroglaux caught and reported an issue with character encoding turning parts of character pages into moon speak. (11 years ago)
  • For taking the time to retest nearly every feature on the site after our server move, and compile a list not just of bug reports but of helpful observations, Darth_Angelus surely deserves high praise! (11 years ago)
  • Sanne provided a green recolor of the Arcana template for everyone's benefit! (11 years ago)
  • Trickster
    Through vigilante bug hunting, Trickster discovered a loophole malicious individuals might have exploited to trick people into deleting their own characters. The RPR sleeps easier with Trickster protecting our streets. (12 years ago)