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I'm looking for a 1x1 roleplay with someone who is comfortable roleplaying on the forum. Possibly in the General RP area. For now, I think I'm looking for modern day and non-fantasy. Possibly a school setting or small town setting. I can play either a female or a male, I don't have a preference. If you're looking for the possibility of the RP going down a romantic route right now my male and female characters are both Heterosexual so it would be MxF. Although, I am completely open to one-sided romance where it's anything goes gender-wise.

By default, my characters use drawn face claims. Some of my characters (like my female) I do have a real-life face claim reference but currently I have not found one for my male. I also write 2+ paragraphs as my responses and I would greatly prefer my RP partner to also write at least 1 or more paragraphs per response. I write in third person, past tense. For example:
Alida had taken woodworking for her freshman year but had missed out on the class last term because of her accident. Like a truly experienced workshopper, she ventured around the outside of the hobbies building until she came to the heavy dark blue double-doors that led into the shop.

I'm sorry I'm lame and don't have detailed ideas of exactly what sort of scenario I'm looking to RP, aside from the criteria above. If you think any of your own RP ideas fit the bill feel free to throw them at me. Feel free to reply via PM or below.
Magic 00%
No magic at all.
Technology 50%
Combat 20%
A peaceful setting, but with a chance for small fights and struggles to break out on a very small scale.
Romance 30%
Some romance is possible, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

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I'm supposed to be starting another modern day game with someone, but the game I started with Danny got shelved a year ago, and don't know if or when I would get back to it. The plot for the original was 2 friends (M and F) who were not romantically involved but best friends and both happened to be named "Danny/Dani". We had an apocalyptic event planned and were going to have them basically be on the run and surviving as society collapsed.

I don't necessarily need to do a plot like that, though. I'm open to a small town/slice of life or a modern-day drama. I'm not big on writing romance, but open to it. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk further. I am also willing to re-tool Danny as needed in terms of location, age, or background. Open to high school, college, or young adult any time between the 70s to a few years in the future. US location preferred since I don't really have any international travel experience.

PS- I have a bunch of plot ideas I can pitch.

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