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Hello! This is my first time looking for an rp on here, so I’m a bit nervous. However, I’m looking for people willing to participate in a Ball-type of rp with me! It will include some rpg/dnd elements, and some possible angst if you wish. If asked, I’m willing to provide more information! (I also am looking for more rp friends so hehe)
Magic 30%
Some magic. Few can use it, but most of the players probably won't have it. Magical characters will likely believe that they are all alone.
Technology 50%
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 40%
Romance is slightly desired, but the overall plot is more important.

Details: Occasional dice use, adjustable length posts,

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I have the faintest clue of how to use dice in RP, but I am interested in RPing with you !
VillKornCHR Topic Starter

Hello! Sorry for such a late response, school is killing me. But, I’m very excited to rp with you!!

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