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If a resume for a new job allows only three job listings, and a person has had multiple jobs, how should one decide which ones to list? Most recent, most relevant, or longer lasting? I suppose this is subjective to place of work, but is there a general thing to decide by or is it just personal preference? I looked at a LinkedIn article that recommended some good ideas, but it was mainly directed towards people who haven't worked for long, or for people who've been on jobs for almost/over 10 years.

Suggestions or discussion helpful or at least useful for
future use, probably. I mostly just want to know for the purpose of ... I'm curious!
I'm a professional writer (marketing- not books). I highlight relevant job experience only. There is another section where I list other jobs and the dates those positions were held. That goes further down on my resume and I lead off, in addition to copywriting and marketing expertise, I also bring expertise in the following areas.

So, I would pick out the 3 most relevant to the position and list the most current to oldest ones. Then, if the interviewer has questions, you can explain you went with what was most relevant and you can explain that you are happy to provide a full list of your past employment upon request or something to that effect.
Personally I would list the most recent job first, followed by the most relevant and finally the most long-lasting. That way you have one of each and as they get discussed, you can explain that you chose to mention those for these reasons. It also shows that you have relevant experience, aren't afraid to work long-term for one boss and have worked recently so you are ready to work again.

If not that, I'd prioritize the jobs I felt most myself in and that will probably come with a glowing recommendation from a former boss if they were to contact that boss.

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