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Cassida (played by AgateTurtle)

((Open for anyone! You ask questions to my Tortoise Beetle Fairy, Cassida and she does her best to answer them))

You can ask anything.

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"Now, allow me to get this straight," The prince practically bent over their own knee to face the so-called fairy, eyes slimmed in bewilderment and lips thinned with curiosity, "you.. mythical folk live where, exactly? I've always been enthralled by your abilities to remain hidden from many passerbys and travelers, and not to mention the fact you don't live where my childhood stories might have told me you would."
Cassida (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"Well, us fairies are very good at hiding and we mostly we live in remote places, such as dense forests., where we settle ourselves by very large trees." Cassida explained to the prince. "Some of us even capable to use magic to cast illusions."
Karkat Vantas (played anonymously)

He stared at Cassida thinking up a funny, and platonic question to ask before shouting "HAVE YOU EVER KILLED ANYONE?" He had a wistful look in his eyes from the question he'd just asked cassida
Cassida (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"No, with my magic I heal people!" Cassida responded frustrated.
"Don't be ridiculous." The voice seemed to rise from further back. No one had taken much note of the man clad entirely in that suit of hammered steel, looking out of place like a sore thumb. "There's no such thing as Faeries. An' there ain't no such thing as magick..." As he looked up, the pair of mis-matched orbs seemed to focus on the so called "magical" creature.
Cassida (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"Just for your knowledge, we fairies do exist and I can do magic." Cassida folded her arms, looking at Aeron.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"A fairy?" Azumi said, "I've only ever seen and interacted with humans, elves, and a whole lot of other aliens! I wonder what your culture is like? Do you play instruments? We kinda needed an extra musician for our band!"
Cassida (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"We like music and dancing." Cassida said. "I myself can play on a shamisen."
Atlas (played by EmoAndrewHussie)

the tired satyr yawned then asked "Have you ever met a satyr?"
Cassida (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"Well, not yet." Cassida responded to Atlas. "Nice to meet you."
Isaac Moriah (played by Taro_Nuke1)

"Hey uhh, weird question but.." Isaac sighs because weird question. "How many back-flips can you do?"
Cassida (played by AgateTurtle) Topic Starter

"Well, it depends on if I am flying or not. If I am flying, I can do several." Cassida told Isaac.

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