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I was working on organizing a group's forum and would like to make a couple suggestions that would make the forum management screen a bit more (for us forgetful types) user-friendly.

1. Forum Arrangement Movement - Currently there is the up arrow and the down arrow. It would be nice if it also had the 'drag' arrow similar to what the Basic Info and the Gallery widget has. Would that be possible to be added?

2. Save Reminder Pop Up - Currently the Save button is at the bottom, and it needs to be clicked after every change before clicking something else. Could a 'reminder to save' pop up if it isn't done, similar to how the character profiles work?

I think these two things would be wonderful, since it is time consuming to move the forums one space at a time only to forget to save and have it revert back to its former position and I have to start all over again.. Dragging the forums to position would save a lot of time, and the save reminder would prevent losing the changes if we forget to click save button.

Hope all that made some sense.

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I'd like to second the motion for a drag arrow. That would have saved me a lot of time earlier this year! I think it's a great idea.

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