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So recently I thought up ideas for 3 plots that I personally think are pretty cool and would be fun to write. However, I was hoping I could get some kind of input on these plot ideas. This is primarily just to gauge how many people would be interested in writing any of these out if I post them on the LFRP forum sometime in the future or see if there's anything in these plots I could improve on. These are also my first plots where I would have to make muses from scratch specifically for the roleplay which is something I'm not quite used to (I usually use OC's I use outside of RP to write).

So, feel free to look at any of the plots below and tell me what you think about them, whether that be what you personally think of them or any criticisms you got.

Plot 1: The Tailor and the Crowned Prince(ss)
  • Inspiration: I got the inspiration for this plot from the song "The tailor on Enbizaka" which is a Vocaloid song. Warning for violent themes and imagery.
  • Setting: Not very good with dates but I was thinking this plot takes place during one of the Dynasties in Asia.
  • Genre: Dark Romance, Horror, “Yandere”-esque
  • Pairings: MxF or FxF
  • Extra notes: This plot contains themes of heavy violence and obsessive behavior
Plot Summary (Click to View)
Your character is the daughter/son of the emperor, and my character is a tailor your character regularly visits. My character grows infatuated with yours, and her obsession with your character grows as the plot progresses, slowly and surely getting more and more invasive as time goes on, she’ll soon stalk your character and know where they are at certain times of the day as well as steal small items off them to keep for herself. Eventually, she sees your character with a woman, making assumptions she assumes this is a woman your character takes interest in romantically. She refuses to accept this, whether it’s true or not. Eventually lures this woman into her shop, murdering her in cold blood and stealing an item of clothing from her that she perceives as what drew your character to her. This cycle repeats with several more women, leading to several more crimes causing the village to grow concerned. Eventually, my character gets the idea to finally confess her feelings to you. So what she does is she picks a night to find you in your usual spot, creates an outfit from all the clothes she took from the women she killed, and sets out to find you. When your character rejects her advances, she kidnaps them and takes them all for herself.

Plot 2: LULU!
  • Inspiration: Overall, this plot is heavily inspired by the 1943 show (and 1935 comic strip) "Little Lulu" a comic/cartoon about a mischievous little girl that gets into trouble a lot. I'd recommend looking it up if you don't know of it already.
  • Setting: 1960’s-70’s America
  • Genre: Slice of life, Parent and child roleplay, non-romance, family roleplay
  • Pairings: NONE
  • Extra notes: I'm not planning on doing a roleplay based on the actual source material, moreso taking aspects of the source material and using them for a new plot. Think of it as "Little Lulu Rewritten" kind of.
Plot Summary (Click to View)
Your character is a newly divorced single mother/father whose marriage collapsed into dust and now your life has fallen into disarray. Although you hate to say it, you fear that the main catalyst for your position in life at the moment is your own 10-year-old daughter, Lulu. You always fancied yourself a mother/father, your dream being to marry a loving person and raise wonderful children. You just didn’t think your child would be this bad. From the moment she hit the age of 2 Lulu ran the house, always getting into trouble and never behaving as a young lady should. You and your spouse tried every trick in the book and nothing stuck. Eventually, Lulu’s behavior had an effect on your marriage causing its downfall by the time she turned 8, your spouse wanted nothing to do with the child and gave full custody to you and absolutely refuses to pay any child support. It’s been 3 years now and you’re mostly doing okay, Lulu is, unfortunately…still the same. However you have been trying to get back to the dating scene, and because of that, you’re more determined than ever to get Lulu to behave herself. Recently you’ve met a really nice person and things have been going well between the two of you…now you have to handle the last obstacle. Lulu.

Plot 3: Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods
  • Inspiration: I have a little universe in mind that is basically like a “Winnie The Pooh, Rewritten” story. I don’t have it all figured out yet but I think it’s a cool concept and would make for a good roleplay setting.
  • Setting: 1700’s-1800’s
  • Genre: Fantasy, slice of life, lighthearted, romance-OPTIONAL (heavily non-preferred).
  • Pairings: Depends :/
  • Extra notes: I'm not using the Disney Versions of the Winnie the Pooh cast but rather making my own versions of them (as well as any input from partners on certain characters). This RP does have anthro-esque characters in it but I'm not allowing mature content of any kind during the RP.
Plot Summary (Click to View)
In your village there is a common motto “Don’t go into the hundred-acre woods. There is a bear that will eat you.” it was a common saying shared amongst parents to keep their children out of the woods near your village and safe from any harm. You’ve kept this in mind your whole childhood and never strayed far from the village because of it. Though one memory distinctly stood out to you, a boy from the village by the name of Christopher (who you were friends with at the time) proclaimed he saw strange things in the woods such as talking anthropomorphic bears and tigers. You never believed him and thought he was simply being silly as any boy his age, at first it was funny but as Christopher tried to prove it to the other adults his parents grew more and more concerned for his mental state, eventually sending him away to the mental institution to be treated for psychosis. You haven’t seen Christopher since. As an adult, you’ve caught on to the fact that the parents simply made up a little fib just to keep their children close so you didn’t think much of it. However, you’ve always had that itching thought in the back of your mind ever since Christopher was taken away, what if Christopher was right? A delirious thought to think of course but other children of the village would sometimes back the boy up until it became clear he was trying to actually convince adults. You were an adult yourself, so it wasn’t like there was anybody stopping you. You could fend for yourself just fine. You supposed just one little check wouldn’t do you any harm, just to cure your itching mind.

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